Cultivating Myself in the Face of Interference

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | January 27, 2016

[] I have published articles online for more than ten years now because I can see other dimensions. Many fellow practitioners enjoy discussing issues about other dimensions and reincarnation with me.

In the beginning, I always more or less gave a response whenever they raised these questions. Later I realized human attachments could never be satisfied. The fellow practitioner raised questions about the reincarnation of family members or friends. I became very tangled and pained.

At the time I felt that most things should not be said. Most answers only satisfied their strong curiosity and had nothing to do with their cultivation. Even more critical was that the fellow practitioner did not realize it was a strong attachment. I felt such an ineffable pain inside and imputed all responsibility to fellow practitioners. Even worse, for a couple of years, I did not realize I was looking outward. I suffered this pain, and each day felt like a year. Whenever fellow practitioners came to see me or called me, my heart thumped.

Because fellow practitioners had different cultivation statuses, I tried not to say too much in discussion. However, I was then being labeled “uncooperative” or “conservative” and had to face some rumors. Especially in the face of strong-minded people, their interrogations were more like aggressive police-style interviews when they used a strong tone of voice to push me to answer. There would be a series of unpredictable “consequences” if I did not answer (which has already happened). Over time, it was as if I were suffering from "Stockholm Syndrome”.

Later I realized that this was not proper behavior in the long term. I could not always appease them because it was not good for them.

Recently I have been repeatedly studying the Fa, especially when I read “Attracting Demons in Qigong” in Zhuan Falun: “As soon as he falls asleep, somebody comes to him for a match or a fight, and this keeps him from getting a good night’s rest. But in fact, this is exactly the time for him to get rid of his attachment to being competitive. If he doesn’t get rid of his attachment to being competitive and he always stays this way, then after being stuck for years he still won’t be able to go beyond this level, even after it’s dragged on like that for years. The result will be that he can’t practice anymore, and his physical body won’t be able to take it, either, he’ll have spent just too much energy, and in the worst case scenario he could even be left powerless.” I suddenly realized this is very specific to my current situation.

The root of all external interference is impurity of my inner heart. I have had a sense of achievement for more than a decade because of my publications. Whenever I discussed other dimensions and reincarnation with fellow practitioners, I had an attachment to zealotry, validating myself and not being mindful of cultivating my speech. Even though most of the time I knew it was wrong to say it and was pained to see my fellow practitioners deep in their attachments, However, I wanted to save face and avoid causing complications with other practitioners as well as rumors just because I did not satisfy their requests. Fundamentally, I was afraid of harming my “reputation.”

When I thought of this, I suddenly realized it was an opportunity for me to give up the attachment to discussing other dimensions and reincarnation with fellow practitioners. I should look inward and put down a lot of fears and attachments to improve this shortcoming of my character which was too easygoing. I should seriously and strictly validate the Fa well by applying my abilities, which would be exercising responsibility towards fellow practitioner and myself, cherishing this opportunity and living up to Master's compassionate salvation.

Postscript: At 10 PM yesterday evening, a fellow practitioner sent me a message asking about his past fate. I smiled at the message and was thankful for Master’s arrangement to get rid of my attachment again. I can for sure deal with these things seriously and compassionately. All interferences will disappear as long as we look inward.

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