The Impact of The Epoch Times

He Shi

PureInsight | May 10, 2016

[] I joined The Epoch Times newspaper two years ago. Accomplishing achievements in the office—in customer service and in establishing good relationships with distributors—requires teamwork and full involvement. When I first started out with promoting the newspaper, I decided to ask my sister to subscribe, since I did not know how else to start.

My Sister Changes

I had not clarified the truth to my sister properly even though I had been practicing for several years. She still had some negative thoughts about Dafa and often teased me even though she enjoyed Shen Yun. I was anxious and did not know how to approach her.

After subscribing to The Epoch Times, my sister came to know about the live organ harvesting and understood that the persecution of Dafa disciples was still continuing. She also read our section on traditional Chinese culture and understood its importance in improving the goodness in people. She understood our efforts and the importance of exposing the evil. Now she would say to me, “You just do whatever you should; do not worry about anything here.” She even told the police, “Falun Gong is a peaceful community. Live organ harvesting is truly happening.”

I realized the importance and the power of our media from seeing my sister change.

Whomever I Thought of Appeared

I started to promote the newspaper door to door, but nobody subscribed. After Fa study, I realized that it was because my first thought was not on saving people, but instead on increasing my own income. The next day, I went out to promote the newspaper again. Miraculously, the person whom I had been thinking about appeared and subscribed to the newspaper as did several others. This happened often from that point on.

During the promotion process, a young man said, “I often read the news in The Epoch Times on Facebook. The newspaper is great. I should support it.” I knew that it was encouragement from Master.

A Miracle Occurred After Eliminating Attachments

I took on a lot of truth clarification projects but did not have enough righteous thoughts or give them my full involvement. A fellow practitioner wanted to replace me with another practitioner. Although I knew that her purpose was to have The Epoch Times office develop well, I still felt aggrieved. I became aware that I was putting myself before everything else.

Master said, “But true improvements come from letting go, not from gaining” (Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A.).

I then exchanged my thoughts with her kindly without any pursuit. In the afternoon we went into a store and said to the manager, “We are from The Epoch Times.” The manager replied, “Okay, I want to subscribe.” When we came out of the store, someone who I had not seen for 20 years called me. I clarified the truth to him and he placed an order for a one year subscription. That afternoon, seven people subscribed to The Epoch Times within 30 to 40 minutes. The fellow practitioner said, “We are so lucky!” It was Master encouraging us to practice diligently.

My Father Changes

My father was a very strict person who filled me with a sense of awe. When I returned home, the first thing I would think about was whether there was anything that would not sit well with him. To safeguard his own interests, he never backed down when quarrelling with neighbors. My mother had to apologize with gifts afterwards. Even after I obtained the Fa, I never thought to clarify the truth to him.

After I began working at The Epoch Times office, I ordered a newspaper subscription for my dad. In the first year, he complained to me that there was no social news. I said, "There is real news without any bad influence. You have been watching the negative news on TV, and you will wonder how people can be that bad. But that is really the minority; most people are kind. The aim of our newspaper is to adhere to the freedom of the press, respect media ethics, and pay attention to human rights and freedom of belief. We will report the facts faithfully. We will focus on encouraging news that shows courage, faith and the human spirit. We also praise Chinese culture and values highly. You will not be able to find these qualities in other newspapers. It is good for your health to receive positive and good news!”

In the second year, I told my dad, “You should subscribe for yourself because this newspaper is so good!” My dad agreed. He also recommended the newspaper to the boss of a traditional Chinese medicine business who then also placed an order. He continued his subscription the following year because the newspaper holds content with extensive knowledge of Chinese medicine and various health posts, which are very useful to him. He is now a faithful reader.

This year, my dad not only subscribed by himself to a yearlong subscription, but he also maintained cordial relations with our neighbors. He even said goodbye to his neighbors when I took him out of town. Sometimes he would even listen to suggestions from my sister and me. He became kind with a good temper and a warm voice. This is something I could not have imagined before!

The Epoch Times has changed our family by clarifying the truth to them. However, we still need to put in more effort to promote The Epoch Times in Taiwan to clarify the truth to more people and allow people’s morality to improve.

Here, I cite from “Teaching the Fa at the Discussion on Creating Fine Art” as an encouragement: “You've followed me here to save sentient beings. And the meaning of our saving sentient beings also includes how we save human morality, how the people who are saved will be in the future, how they'll live, and what kind of conditions they'll live in. In other words, Dafa disciples are not only saving sentient beings, they're also blazing a true path for the existence of human beings. These are all things that Dafa disciples are doing in validating the Fa.”

If you see any inadequacies in my understandings, please kindly correct me. Thank you fellow practitioners. Thank you Master.




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