Truth Clarification at Tourist Sites in UK

A Dafa Disciple in the UK

PureInsight | January 25, 2017

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‘Renewed diligence

I was even clearer about my responsibility after participating in the Fa Conference in New York in May, 2016. At that moment, I made a wish to save more sentient beings. Over the years, I did truth clarification 3 hours at tour sites every day, no slackness. After the New York conference, I extended to 5 hours truth clarification every day.

At the beginning, I felt tired. But practitioners should be “Eating bitterness treated as joy”. I increased Fa study time. In addition to reading “Zhuan Falun”, I recited “Hong Yin” and “Zhuan Falun” every day, with two to three times <Lun Yu> or <Hong Yin> on the way to the tourist attractions.

Every morning, I arrived at the tourist sites before 10:30am. I never missed a day, regardless of rain, hail or sunshine. Racing against time to clarify the truth to tourist groups, I was always sweaty and thirsty. I felt happy to fulfill my vow when I helped hundreds of people quit the CCP (Chinese Communist Party).

‘Be kind to Tour Guides to Save People’

CAMBRIDGE - The world-renowned institution attracted large number of tourists every year, especially the Chinese people. Falun Gong practitioners in the center of Cambridge set up a Dafa site to clarify the truth. We have been here every week more than 10 years to spread the truth of Falun Gong to Chinese tourists and people around the world. Some of us practiced with the music; some distributed truth clarification materials and some helped Chinese people who understood the truth to quit the CCP.

There would be a large number of mainland Chinese tourist groups every vacation. I knew Master brought them to us. However, how to save these people was a serious issue to our Dafa disciples at the front line.

The most difficult ones in truth clarification were the tour guides. I came across various guides. Some ignored us; some drove me away and some said bad words. Most of them blocked other people from hearing the truth of Dafa. They treated us as their enemy. They didn’t allow tourists to stop here and hide them from us.

To overcome this difficulty, I started my truth clarification to the tour guides first with great compassion and forbearance. In this process, I acquired of myself to assimilate to truthfulness, compassion and forbearance continuously, and treated every tour guide with compassion. During the peak season, I came to the tourist site fairly early to meet pre-destined people. After greeting the tourist group, I found the opportunity to clarify the truth to the tour guide in a low voice by sending forth righteous thoughts to clean up the evil behind them.

Over time, most tour guides changed their minds and we became friends. Now, eighty percent of the tour guides won’t stop my truth clarification efforts. Some even brought tourist groups to my truth display board by telling tourists to meet there at certain times. Once, a tour guide came to tell me that he brought two groups. I clarified the truth to him again and he quit the CCP. He would tell tourists if they didn’t meet me there they would miss the opportunity to hear the truth. I tried to clarify people the truth about Dafa and the evil party regardless of the environment and their responses.

One day in May, I clarified the Dafa truth to a group by saying “the evil party killed people like flies and made money by stealing organs harvested from living Falun Gong practitioners. God would destroy the party. We should make our oath invalid by quitting the CCP with a nickname. Then we would be safe….” A man said, “If I quit, who will give me money? I couldn’t do it.” Then I did truth clarification specific to this condition, loudly, regardless of the surrounding environment. Until he stopped walking, I stopped talking. I realized I bothered a guide who was talking about the history from this perspective. She was so nice and let me continue. So I continued to clarify the truth after her introduction. I said, “You love your country not the communist Party. Marx said ‘The communist party is the West ghost.’” A man said to me, “You are so annoying. Can you stop?” I gave him my response, “You don’t have to listen. People will do three withdrawals once they understand. It won’t hurt to do it.” He said, “Get away from here.” Then that lady guide came to me and said, “Don’t get hurt by them. People have different ideas about different things. You work so hard and pay attention to your health.” She was so kind and gentle. I was so touched.

After looking within, I thought I did everything for those people, why wouldn’t they listen to me and drive me away? Looking inward, I found I had a fighting spirit within. I would increase my voice when they didn’t like to listen. It was the fighting spirit from CCP party culture. Then I realized I was wrong.

Master said in Fa Teaching Given at the Fa Conference Marking the Tenth Anniversary of the Minghui Website’s Founding, "So you have to do it sensibly and in an intelligent way. Don't annoy people." I felt so sorry for forcing my ideas on others regardless of feelings. It was because I was deeply influenced by the party culture. People were not saved but pushed away by me. I decided to listen to Master and be kind to every sentient being.

A few days later, I met that lady guide again. She said hello to me and told me, she told those tourists to respect me because I was doing them favor. We were all Chinese and should respect each other. I told her I didn’t feel sad for them and was very touched by her. Our Falun Gong practitioners should practice truthfulness, compassion and forbearance. My Master wants us to save Chinese people. How could I save them if they disliked me?

The guide was so touched by this and I clarified the truth thoroughly this time, she quit the Young Pioneers. Some people in the tourist group also understood the truth and about 7 - 8 people quit the CCP.

I realized, to save more beings, we had to cultivate ourselves better and consider others genuinely. One program in Shen Yun showed the power of compassion. It made me feel the enormous power of compassion. When we assimilated "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance", Dafa’s great mighty virtue would be manifested. Otherwise, we would be subject to various negative factors.

Those tour guides who were brainwashed and intimidated by the CCP gradually changed. For example, a forty-year-old male tour guide always said “CCP is good” and refused to collect the truth materials. After several times hearing individual truth clarifications, he quitted CCP. He understood the reason we took the responsibility to save beings here without any payment. Now most Cambridge tour guides understood the truth.

It was easier for me to clarify the truth after the tour guide understood it. We raced against time to do the truth clarification; especially after the New York Conference in May, more and more people understood the truth and withdrew from CCP. Some practitioners came to help in the peak season in August, we cooperated fairly well. Under Master’s blessing, within two weeks almost 3,000 people did the three withdrawals and chosen a bright future.

Recalling this process, I realized: to truly save people, we should do more Fa study. Saving people was our responsibility and cultivation was the base. To save more people, we should cultivate ourselves better by eliminating attachments. Removing the attachment of fighting, improve our compassion. We could restrict people’s demon-nature by removing the attachments of zealotry and showing off. We would improve ourselves and wouldn’t be utilized by the old forces. By removing the attachment of validating self, we could cooperate with practitioners and complete our mission together.

I had a further understanding about Master’s Fa in Zhuan Falun, “But we’ve said that as a practitioner, you shouldn’t hit back when attacked, or talk back when insulted—you should hold yourself to a high standard.” All kinds of ordinary people were prepared for us to improve becoming worthy of the name of Falun Dafa practitioners, we should have a solid cultivation and save more people to meet Master’s expectations.

‘Magic keys to not putting yourself down and looking inward’

July 6, in the tour site, I saw two students were reading our truth material. My elation came out whenever I noticed it. At that moment, their tour guide came to talk about Dafa. When he noticed the students were reading the truth material, he grabbed it without saying anything. I felt the tour guide was so rude. He said, “Don’t look at me!” I realized it was the ‘appearance stems from the mind’. Some bad things from my eyes triggered his disgust.

I asked the tour guide to give me the truth material when tourists took pictures. He said, “I won’t give it to you. You are so annoying. I saw you last year.” I failed to upgrade my Xinxing, said, “It is ok you don’t like me. But it’s my personal property; you should give it to me.” But he still refused to give it back. It was students’ free time and I went to clarify the truth. He came to say, “I will call police if you continue.” I said, “I didn’t bother your work. It is my right to clarify the truth in the UK. The police support us.” Then a teacher said, “Don’t be angry with him.” This reminded me that he was an ordinary person and I was a cultivator. Disagreements would only push him away, not save him or the students.

Looking inward, I found I had attachments of zealotry and resentment. The attachments made me frustrated and I didn’t do well on truth clarification that day. Normally I could help dozens of people withdraw in two hours. However, at that time, I only helped five or six people.

I talked to a fellow practitioner that my attachments to resentment and fighting were so hard to remove. He said, “You probably have to eliminate them layer by layer.” After the exchange, I realized it was based on human notion to think the guide was wrong and not based on the Fa. The guide was an ordinary person unaware of the truth. How could I fight with him? As a practitioner, it was my fault. Then I calmed down and clarified the truth.

After talking to the fellow practitioner, I saw the young guide was having a meal with some students. I knew Master arranged for me to cultivate myself so I went to apologize to him. He didn’t expect that and left self-consciously. Then I put myself aside and continued truth clarification. One hour later, dozens of people quit the CCP.

These two things made me realize, no matter what happens, we should look inward always to eliminate all kinds of attachments. As a cultivator, I have to cultivate myself in the environment of ordinary people to eliminate all kinds of attachments and desires.

Master told us in Fa Teaching at the 2009 Washington DC International Fa Conference, "looking within is a magical tool." I realized that unconditionally looking inward was really magic. We had to improve our Xinxing to get rid of human ideas with solid cultivation based on Fa. The environment surrounding us would be changed dramatically.

Year by year, we practitioners cooperate very well at truth clarification in Cambridge to fulfill our own vows. To better assist Master rectifying the Fa, I dare not slack off. Cultivation is serious, only diligent cultivation can take us go home on lotus flowers with Master.


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