The Path of Obtaining the Fa

A Germany Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | February 12, 2017


Dear Master! Dear fellow practitioners!

I am a Vietnamese Falun Dafa practitioner living in Germany for almost 30 years. I obtained the Fa in the summer of 2012 when visiting my family in my home country.

Previously, due to hard work, having raised two kids as both their mother and father, I came down with many chronic diseases such as high blood pressure, stomach ulcers, spinal degener-ation, insomnia, and other diseases. When I went to my sister’s house, I could not find her twice. My mother told me to look for her in the park. Out of curiosity, I went to the park to see which type of aerobic, Tai chi or other popular sport in Vietnam she was practicing. Con-trary to what I assumed, she was sitting in meditation with several dozen people. They were very eager to introduce me to this practice, saying it greatly improves health, and is uplifting both physically and spiritually. Out of curiosity, I agreed to try the practice right away. Being instructed in the five exercises on the spot, I received compliments on my very exact move-ments even though I had just begun. It might not be true, but as a person who likes hearing compliments, I felt good and went to the park every afternoon punctually after that.

On the third day, I saw some people holding a book with a blue cover. They handed me a book and told me to try to read it, saying it is very good. As I just opened the first page, the portrait of a middle-aged man with such an extraordinary compassionate aura appeared before my eyes. I had the feeling I had met him somewhere, and he looked very familiar. Everyone told me that it was the photo of Master Li, the founder of Falun Gong. At home, I immediate-ly read all the way to the 4th lecture. Normally I rarely read any book so patiently. When reading up to the chapter "Transformation of karma," I was so interested that I read it once again!

The next day during lunch, I suddenly had abdominal pain and had to head to the restroom. As soon as I closed the door, I almost fell down, sweating all over and being unable to speak. A thought suddenly came that I could die in this restroom and no one would know. For some reason, I suddenly thought of Master, saying: “Master, please help me”. After just a few minutes, I felt heat all over my body, as if a flow of extremely powerful energy was moving inside my body, which I had never experienced before. Instantly, the abdominal pain ceased. I walked out of the restroom as if nothing had happened.

Only after having read Zhuan Falun several times later on did I enlighten that my body was purified by Master, and I was given Guanding. Since then, I had obtained the Fa. Gradually, as my cultivation progressed, after only half a year, the chronic symptoms of stomach pain, insomnia, dizziness due to high blood pressure, degenerative spine, and knee pain, which had accompanied me for so many years, did not show up again. I understood how fortunate I was to have found the “ladder to heaven", thus I shared this with every family member. Among my six sisters, four have cultivated Dafa.

Promoting Shen Yun

Shortly after coming back to Germany in May 2012, I tried to find other practitioners in Ber-lin through different ways. Fortunately, I met a practitioner who brought me to the group ex-ercise site to meet other practitioners. From this time, I heard about Shen Yun performances in Germany. At the beginning, the two words "Shen Yun" sounded very vague and confusing to me. I just knew that this event is extremely sacred; therefore, I was asked to go to distribute the Shen Yun flyers in the richest villa areas in Berlin.

At that time, it was winter and it got dark early. There were very few people around, and the weather was very cold. I stumbled upon a vast and beautiful building. For some reason, when I dropped the flyer into the mailbox and turned back, the gate was already closed. Struggling but still unable to get out of the gate, I walked around the building to find the exit but only saw there were sharp steel bars around the four walls. My heartbeat quickened out of fear of being seen by the house owners and considered a thief or someone committing something bad. During that perplexing moment, I joined my hands in Heshi and pleaded: “Master, please help me get out of here”, and headed to the main gate of the house at the same time. Suddenly, I saw a woman with a child inside. I went to greet them and show them the Shen Yun flyers, so that they would know what I was doing was righteous and I wanted to get out. As the wom-an pointed out for me, I went straight to the gate and saw the steel gate was already opened.

As soon as I came out, I reached another villa. I was startled to see a huge blonde dog looking like a lion and bearing his teeth to intimidate me. Being afraid of dogs, I rushed on to the next house as it barked loudly. After distributing the flyers to several other houses, I did not feel at peace, thinking that if I missed out one house, a family could lose the opportunity to be saved. Therefore, I went back to the house and whispered to the dog in Vietnamese, saying that I came to save his owner and even himself. I asked him whether he could go inside the house. Then I did not believe my eyes when the dog quietly went inside as soon as I finished talking to him. He even turned his head back to look at me. My tears kept falling down.

Afterwards I asked the coordination team to allow me to sell the tickets at a commercial cen-ter where many Vietnamese as well as Chinese people are present, alongside people from other countries. At the beginning, it was very difficult and heavy insults were hurled at me.

However, I used the heart of a cultivator to calmly clarify the truth to them, explaining how the CCP has been persecuting Falun Gong practitioners in China. I then introduced Shen Yun, an ancient form of performance arts from China and from the heavens, revived by practition-ers of Falun Gong. My words won over their aggressive and threatening words at the begin-ning and convinced them to buy the tickets.

Some people did not only buy tickets for themselves and their families, but also introduced the performance to their friends and relatives. In particular, some among them have obtained the Fa now. I knew that Master had sent over people with predestined relationships to obtain the Fa, and those who bought the tickets were sentient beings chosen to be saved. This was my enlightenment at that moment.

Eliminating the attachment to resentment

When I had just obtained the Fa, there were very few Vietnamese practitioners in my city. I spread the Fa to some people, who in turn introduced the Fa to other people. In this way, there are now several dozen more practitioners in Berlin. However, many people were educat-ed and grew up under the communist regime in Vietnam and thus were influenced by the Par-ty Culture which took root in their way of thinking. Therefore, I often urged new practitioners who had just obtained the Fa to step out and join Dafa projects, through which one could get rid of demonic nature and sense the power of the righteous Fa. This was my starting point. However, everyone differs in terms of individual cultivation and enlightenment. When I hadn’t enlightened to this point yet, I was always impatient in imposing my opinions of what to do and what not to do upon new practitioners.

For example, I reminded practitioners to avoid eating and drinking during group Fa study. They vehemently objected to my behavior in front of other practitioners. I used to remind them about wrong exercise movements and bad positions, as we clarified the truth each Sat-urday before the Brandenburg Gate, where many tourists from China as well as other coun-tries passed by. Before the eyes of many passersby, the exercise movements needed to be ex-act, and even look beautiful.

As a result, some practitioners said I liked to command people, to show off, and even criti-cized me very directly saying that I had the problem of demonic interference from my own mind. Some even referred to me with the following words: “If this person could achieve con-summation, she must be taken down (!).” Many times I just quietly cried, asking myself why they reacted so strongly after hearing my words. Many times I did not look within to find out the reasons but resented them instead. My heart was very moved, and I looked for external reasons instead of searching within.

It wasn’t until I realized that not being able to find out the reasons would impact the effects of my spreading the Fa to others, giving them a negative impression about Dafa. For a long time, I avoided contact with other people and focused myself on studying the Fa a lot.

Finally, I was clear that my language was full of Party culture and lacked compassion. Fur-thermore, my heart was full of attachments to forcing others to finish their tasks. In reality, this does not meet the standards for a practitioner.

Master explained in Zhuan Falun, “When everyday people say that it is good, it may not nec-essarily be good. When everyday people say that it is bad, it may not necessarily be bad, ei-ther.”

Having found out my attachment, I felt very relieved. Thanks to this, I could eliminate my resentment, which is in itself a demonic characteristic within the Party culture.
Master said in Hong Yin III,
“Don’t argue when people argue with you
Cultivation is looking within for the cause
Wanting to explain just feeds the attachment
Breadth of mind, unattached, brings true insight”

Trust in Master and the Fa could help overcome any difficulty

Upon returning from the Fahui in New York in May 2016, I attended a course to learn the German language. One day when I was on my bike 600 metres away from my home, on the bike path, a car from the parking lot suddenly rushed out towards me. As soon as I saw this, I was thrown off, with a heavy bag still on my back. I only remembered there was a very loud shout, then I was very shocked…

When I woke up, I saw many people surrounding me, picking me up. Someone called the am-bulance; the others looked for my address in order to call my family. The car which had bumped into me had its sign thrown down on the road. I thanked everyone and said I was ok because I am a Falun Gong practitioner. I told the driver not to worry. As the ambulance ar-rived, I tried to refuse. At the hospital, two policemen came to ask me to describe what hap-pened if my health would allow. I told them I was alright and do not want to undergo an X-ray or anything else, because I am a Falun Gong practitioner and the driver did not do any-thing wrong.

As they seemed to be confused with my reply, I asked them: “Have you ever heard of Falun Gong?” A policeman seemed to contemplate the question and then answered: “Oh, we have already heard of it.” Then I confirmed to them that I did not have any problem and was com-pletely healthy. I received a friendly smile and was allowed to go home.

At the beginning of this year, I went to help Shen Yun in Hamburg. I stayed alone in the sin-gle apartment of a fellow practitioner who was out of town. Usually, I left home at 10 AM and returned at 9 PM after finishing distributing flyers before the theater. One day, when hav-ing breakfast, I started to prepare for my dinner so that I could have more time to study the Fa. During breakfast, I told myself to remember to switch off the stove before going out of the kitchen. However, I totally forgot to do this and walked out of the house. At 4 PM, it became rainy and cold. I wanted to go back home to get more clothes and a raincoat before going to the theater.

When approaching the house, I felt impatient as if something urged me to hurry up. I quick-ened my pace as if running. When I reached the door, I heard something like the sound of oil sizzling. I suddenly remembered I had not turned off the stove. I went straight to turn it off and opened the pot to see how the bones had started to be burned. After the shock, I enlight-ened, “Master did not give up on me, even though there are still many attachments I have not gotten rid of and I am not yet diligent in cultivation. I pledged to put my trust in Master and in the Fa forever.” My tears kept rolling down my cheeks.

Magnificent things in the Fa

I admired the Tianguo Marching Band and dreamed of being a member of the Marching Band from the first time I attended the Fahui in the USA in May 2014. From the beginning of last year until now, I have always been accompanying the band, even though I did not play the clarinet well enough yet and had not reached the standards of the band yet. This August, we went on an Eastern European Tour for 10 days. On the day we went to Poland, the coordina-tor asked me if I had brought the uniform of the marching band. I answered yes, I always brought these clothes with me. He smiled at me and said that I could play with the band to-morrow, but reminded me that I should pause during songs I could not play well yet or do not know by heart. I said: “JA”.

The entire evening, I was very happy and anxious. On the following day, it was very sunny. We paraded for 4–5 hours. Before the parade, the coordinator of the clarinet group went to check everyone in the group. When she approached me, she just smiled and nodded, which meant my clarinet was tuned correctly. Yet for some reasons, my clarinet could not give off any sound during the entire parade, even though my movements in holding and playing the clarinet were all exact. At that time, I was covered in sweat. My face turned red from my ef-forts to play like a professional musician. I played with great passion; however, the clarinet could not give out any sounds.

When the parade came to the end, I rushed to go to another place and tried to play once again to see if there was anything wrong with the instrument. As the first sounds came out so clear-ly, I enlightened that this was Master telling me that my attachment to showing off was still huge, and I was not patient to practice more because I was in a rush to perform. All of a sud-den, I was full of tears. I looked up to the sky and saw a red energy field at that moment. I quietly thanked Master for his endless compassion.

I have been assimilating myself into the Fa for 4 years. My enlightenment is still undergoing many changes. However, my level is still low, my abilities are also limited. If there are any things not on the Fa, please point them out compassionately.

Thank you Master.
Thank you fellow practitioners for listening.

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