Experience at the 2016 San Francisco Fa Conference

A Falun Dafa Disciple from Taiwan

PureInsight | February 12, 2017

[PureInsight.org] I participated in the 2016 San Francisco Fa Conference excited, yet solemn as well. My accommodation had been arranged by our group leader so I could know the daily schedule ahead. The first day on the schedule was the street parade and then sending forth righteous thoughts outside the Chinese consulate. Yellow T-shirts were required for the street parade but at the bus station, some practitioners said the Chinese consulate weren’t working that day. Did that mean sending forth righteous thoughts would just be a formality? Then I thought I shouldn’t go. An attachment to scary cold weather made me forget I was there to assist Master for the Fa-rectification. The parade was right after our group exercises. I could feel strong energy with doing exercises with practitioners all around the world. The energy not only purified this space but showed Dafa to the people.

In the afternoon, we returned to our hotel instead of going to the Chinese consulate as planned. I was shocked by the change. The group leader said the bus company took time off and would not send a bus to pick us up at the hotel room, I heard the group leader talking on the phone. The bus company had cancelled our contract because of interference from the Chinese consulate. I felt so regretful because my bad thoughts aligned to the old forces. Master said in Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A., “As I've said, everything that happens today in the ordinary society is the result of Dafa disciples' thoughts. Even though the old forces do exist, if you don't have those thoughts they can't do anything.” During the Fa conference, we should intensify our efforts to tell the truth and send forth righteous thoughts, especially to the Chinese consulate. It was pity that we couldn’t join fellow practitioners from other countries because of one bad thought.

The next day, a new bus carried us to the Fa conference. The only bus had to go there and back several times to get all practitioners there. After the exercises, we started to set up the Falun emblem with the guidance of local practitioners. It was a tremendous opportunity for overseas practitioners to participate since they had gathered from all around the world. Because of this it was an incomparably sacred place.

Although it was just a small Falun emblem typography, we did it twice to allow even more practitioners participation. I was just facing the sun which made me a little uncomfortable. But in comparison to our sacred mission, the discomfort was nothing at all.

On the third day of the Fa conference, we arrived at 7am with strong righteous thoughts. The cultivation experience sharing from each fellow practitioner really touched us. Looking inward deeply meant they reached the step of mature cultivation. However, it was strange that Master didn’t come. In the afternoon, a young disciple told us a story about her coming out from a cave. She experienced escaping police arrest, becoming separated from her parents who had died and fearless truth clarification under Master’s blessing. Although she was still a teenager, she was already a refined Dafa practitioner.

Until 4pm, a fellow practitioner conveyed Master’s congratulations and told us He was unable to come due to a fault with the plane, yesterday. We were so shocked because it meant we had loopholes which the old force could take advantage of. I felt so ashamed of my attachments.

Looking within I found a deeply hidden attachment. I wanted to know right away the final step of Fa-rectification. It meant my faith in Master and the Fa was not firm enough since Master had already told us everything. It was a serious problem and I knew why Master’s plane had problems. It would be a strong reason for the old forces to interfere with the Fa conference if more practitioners all thought the same. They were testing our faith in Master and the Fa to see if we deserved to be Dafa disciples. No matter what the old forces did, Master would use everything to help us improve. I believed we benefited a lot from the Fa conference and found gaps, thanks to Master’s arrangement.

Master said in 2012 International Fa Conference at the U.S. Capital, “But Master is, conversely, using all of what they do to bring about Dafa disciples’ success; were things otherwise, I would use other means. They have already done what they have, so I am beating them at their own game. They have become an old force, and this old force has acted as a demon for the Fa-rectification of the cosmos. Nevertheless, if Dafa disciples don’t do well, the damage is huge."

The procession and the rally at the fourth day were quite successful. I was standing at a huge banner phalanx. A fellow practitioner and I were in charge of the big banner with the Falun emblem. Although a wheel was pushing the banner, I still had to try my hardest to push it. However, the tired feeling was swept away when I noticed sentient beings on the both sides of the road could understand the truth: Dafa disciples were the only hope for them to be saved. The voice of justice from many local dignitaries and pro-democracy activists were very touched. More and more people truly understood Dafa and the persecution. I want to end with poem from Hong Yin (IV):
“Gods are selecting lives (Note: it is not an official translation)

Don’t be blinded by money and power
One’s position is not sacred
Money and power make people rampant
Those are not permanent just like dreams
Don’t show cold faces when we meet
Dafa Disciple are saving sentient beings
In this troubled time gods are selecting lives
Only good people will be saved”

Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/155393

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