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A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | August 31, 2017


Firm Belief

A policeman said to a practitioner who was being persecuted, “Your Master is really enjoying life abroad; living in a beautiful house.” The disciple replied, “Then I have no worries, since I don't have to be concerned about Master’s life.”

Another persecuted disciple refused to be "transformed". A police pointed to a basin of water and said, “You say you will only listen to your Master. If your Master would say that this is a basin full of iron, will you accept it?” The disciple replied, “If Master would say it's a basin of iron, it will turn into a basin of iron.”

Shortly afterwards, both disciples were released.


A young male practitioner was subjected to very cruel persecution and six of his ribs were cracked. He later shared that he had seen Master reconnecting his ribs and recreating his diamond body for him, as he was dying. There was a big commotion in the air: "Diamond!" His solid belief in Master and Dafa was spreading from the micro to the macro layers--to his surface--until all was encompassed. In the human world, the evil was afraid of him and the warden kept avoiding him. After he was released, the police chief said, “You can put posters up wherever you want, as long as it is within my area.” The national security refused to arrest him when he was reported.

One thought

In 2000, a coordinator told me that one disciple had said that he wants to stay in prison for Falun Gong forever. The coordinator asked me if I would do the same. I smiled and said, “Our Dafa disciples are all good people; I am too. I have parents and children--why would I want to be imprisoned?” I then went out to clarify the truth. Later, that disciple was persecuted.

In 2005, a fellow practitioner and I were persecuted because we had printed the booklets of The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. I was handcuffed in the detention center but I clarified the truth there. I was then taken for a physical exam. I sent forth righteous thoughts for the policemen to fall asleep, while we waited for the exam results, as I wanted to leave. They soon did, but then I had another thought, "How can I leave still handcuffed?” The policemen then woke up. During the trial, the national security told me that I would be sentenced to at least 3 to 7 years. I said, “You are not right. My Master has the final say.” I thought that I would be sentenced to one year at most. A few days later, I was indeed sentenced to one year in a labor camp.


A fellow practitioner clarified the truth to a vendor. The vendor didn’t want to listen and impatiently sent the practitioner away, but the practitioner returned and said with a serious tone, “How many people pass you by everyday? And who among them even care if you live or die? Only Dafa disciples care to clarify the truth to you. I already gave you the opportunity and it’s your choice whether to withdraw from the Communist Party or not. My only concern is that it will be too late for you when you come to have regrets.” The vendor then said immediately, “Ok, I will withdraw.”


Once, a fellow practitioner tried to help a person to withdraw from the CCP while clarifying the truth. However, that person didn’t want to withdraw even after talking for a long time. The disciple was really worried about the person's future and finally said with tears in eyes, “I really want to save you!” The person agreed to withdraw immediately.


It took me a long time to pass the test of sentimentality. I tried really hard, but still couldn’t get rid of my attachment to resentment. One day, my emotions came back. Master suddenly took away all of my attachments, when Master noticed that I couldn’t pass the test. At that moment, I couldn’t stay in the human world, because it was so dirty. Later, Master gave everything back to me and I returned to normal. Afterwards, I could always recall my experience if I couldn’t eliminate an attachment. Any attachment was then eliminated very fast and I passed the test.


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