Don’t Say We Release You

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | August 31, 2017

[] Recently, the police went door-to-door looking for known Falun Gong practitioners to acquire “evidence”. It also happened to a Fa study group during their Fa study. When the police suddenly came in, an old practitioner tried to stop them because the printer and the truth material were all in that room. This was an informational materials production site. However, the police just went around and left by saying, “all old ladies, and no young one.” Then the practitioner left by sending forth righteous thoughts. When they went to the yard, the police said, “Don’t tell other people we release you.”

The police’s attitude surprised Dafa disciples. It didn’t mean they turned to be good but meant our truth clarification were effective. We did all kinds of truth clarification including truth stickers, truth documents distribution around whole city. We also clarified the truth through phone call and text message continuously. Once, a Dafa disciple found a truth document at the table of the police office. It has been there for a long time and read many times. The police said, “You have so many ways for the truth clarification. For people who don’t listen to you, you will switch to phone call or mail the documents to the specific person.” Another police had a relative who practiced Dafa. His relative did lots of truth clarification to him. Whenever a dafa disciple was reported; he never made an arrest. He said his relative’s temper changed a lot just because of Dafa practice. Once, his relative’s pork was stolen. In the past, the old couple would complain a lot. This time they just said it was ok. Because of this police’s attitude to Dafa, he got promotion to the head of the police station later.

Once, a fellow practitioner was reported and sent to the police station. The head of the police station asked, “Who did you give the document?” The practitioner said no idea. Later the bureau chief released practitioner without asking anything. The practitioner said, “Those police immediately understood when they saw what the bureau chief did. Nobody would work for the evil communist party!”

With the rapid speed of the Fa-rectification and Dafa disciples’ truth clarification, people were changing. Although it was not common; more and more people indeed knew the truth!

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