"No Symptoms of Diabetes after Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts Three Times" Continuation

A Mainland China Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | July 18, 2018

[PureInsight.org] My previous publication in Zhengjian Weekly triggered some responses among fellow practitioners. Some said they were inspired and copied what I did, but to no effect. One practitioner with another form of sickness karma made up his mind to send forth powerful righteous thoughts, also to no effect. Other practitioners with diabetes-like symptoms also showed no effect after several rounds of righteous thoughts. Why?

Why did it work for me, but not for fellow practitioners? My opinion is that the fellow practitioners simply copied what I did, which is a big shortcoming for practitioners, since practitioners don’t have models. Many types of karma can’t simply be resolved through righteous thoughts because of the complicated factors behind them. Some are the old force’s arrangements; some are practitioner’s attachments, or notions that need correcting. For example, one fellow practitioner had a stomachache. His family members helped him to send forth righteous thoughts, but the stomachache only got worse until it seemed he was just about to pass away. At this point, I thought there must be some complex reason behind the scenes. Thus it is not something that can be resolved solely through sending forth righteous thoughts.

I exchanged sharings with his family. Suddenly his wife said, “Does it concern the matter of playing stocks?” I was so surprised (his stocks were taken care of by his friend). I suddenly understood the reason and said, “The old forces took advantage of this loophole and so you must apologize for it. Master has been very clear in his lectures on stocks. How could you still play it?” At this point, I felt very comfortable in my heart. I thought that he would definitely be fine now, because we now knew the reason. He apologized to Master and we sent forth righteous thoughts together again to deny the persecution from the old forces. He felt much better and could come downstairs the next day, albeit a little physically weak.

An 80-year-old fellow practitioner did a lot of work for saving people, but was opposed to suing Jiang Zemin. She thought it was not safe. Actually her understanding already opposed the Fa, because though it was her right to choose not to sue, but can’t be against it, since it is what Master wants. The old forces took advantage of her loophole and made her seriously ill. Other fellow practitioners shared with her about not accepting the arrangement of the old forces, but she said it was actually a good thing, since it allowed her to eliminate big karma. She had had large karma tribulations previously that were eliminated by sending forth righteous thoughts. But this time, she passed away very quickly. Another fellow practitioner said if she had acknowledged her incorrect understanding on suing Jiang Zemin, she would probably be fine. But she was so stubborn and didn’t accept anyone’s suggestions. It was a big violation of principle. How could the old forces then let her pass?

Righteous thoughts are effective in eliminating karma symptoms, but they are not a miraculous cure-all. This is because everybody has a different cultivation path, and the underlying factors are too complicated. Thus it may be better to look within and find problems in our Xinxing.

Finally, I’ll share with fellow practitioners a passage of Fa from <Path>: “The path each person is to take is different, because each person’s foundation is different, the sizes of their various attachments are different, the characteristics of their beings are different, their jobs among everyday people are different, and their family environments are different, and so on. These factors determine that each person’s path of cultivation is different, that how they get rid of their attachments is different, and that the sizes of their tests are different. Therefore, amidst the manifestations of things it’s very hard to find a path that others have made, and it’s even less possible for a person to get a ride down one. If there really were pre-made paths and effortless rides, that definitely would not be cultivation.”

A little understanding to share. Please kindly make corrections.


Translated from http://www.zhengjian.org/node/240066





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