Some Thoughts of Money from the Fellow Practitioners

A Dafa Disciple in Jilin

PureInsight | March 12, 2019

[] A local fellow practitioner who worked outside the home for a long time returned recently. He obtained the Fa in 1996 when he was under 30 years old. Now he is in his 50s. In 1999, when the evil Communist Party persecuted Dafa, he had two choice: to lose his job or to give up cultivation. He would rather lose his job than give up cultivation.

Since then, he had to work outside the home for many years. Over the years, due to busy work and not able to find fellow practitioners, he became depressed and almost lost in the world. Plus his job was not stable and he couldn’t make money.

He was very anxious to find a fellow initiate. Later, he found a fellow initiate and told him about his experience. His family was not exactly on the breadline because his wife had a job. Just his work was not proceeding smoothly for the recent years and he didn’t make much money.

The fellow initiates cherished his precious heart and sympathized with his difficulties. A fellow practitioner gave him 2000 Yuan without telling him where the money was from. Later, another fellow practitioner gave him 500 Yuan but he didn’t accept.

Recently, this practitioner exchanged information with several fellow practitioners including me. He mentioned about the money from the fellow practitioner. He said he put two thousand Yuan in his daily expense. Then the fellow practitioners exchanged Master’s lecture about money management. The old forces exploited the loophole on money to persecute the fellow practitioners. He knew he was wrong and said he must return the money.

I suddenly memorized the cultivation story of Milarepa Buddha. His Master arranged his cultivation to eliminate all Karmas in the shortest time. However, because of the sympathy from the wife of his Master, he didn’t finish his cultivation completely. Later, he suffered a lot to eliminate all his sin. Then his Master told him everything.

Master said in Zhuan Falun, “….those who want to have you obtain good things in ordinary human society, are demons. If you always get your way among everyday people and cannot pass this test, you will not make progress. If you live very well among everyday people, how can you practice cultivation? How can your karma be transformed? How will you have an environment to upgrade your xinxing and transform your karma? Everyone should be sure to keep this in mind.”

I realized that we must eliminate the attachment to sentiment. Master arranged everything for practitioners and we couldn’t go by appearances.

Over the years, I have also experienced a lot. My body has been persecuted by evil and I couldn't go outside. I had to do what I could at home. Master did not leave me alone; but arranged fellow practitioners to help me. So I was not left behind.

At the beginning, every fellow initiate bought me something when they came; some even gave me money. (If I couldn’t refuse the money, I would use it at our material production site.) If someone brought some treat for me, I would refuse it because I didn’t want them to help me on it. Based on Fa, I realized I need to be able to integrate into the whole with more compassion. It also meant I had to eliminate my attachment to sentiment.

Through Fa study and communication with fellow practitioners, I had improved based on Fa. Gradually I eliminated the attachment to sentiment. When the fellow practitioner would like to buy me something, if I did need it, I would pay for it myself. So they wouldn’t bring me something intentionally. I could integrate well with fellow practitioners.


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