Elderly Practitioners Should be Quick to Reject Old Age, Illness, and Death

Wu Zhen, Mainland China Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | April 6, 2019

[PureInsight.org] Lately, two elderly practitioners near me had successive bouts of sickness karma. Fellow practitioner A, 81 years old, has always been diligent with the three things. One day, she suddenly had a compression fracture in her waist area. She was able to recover through righteous thoughts, but later suffered from splitting blood and other false manifestations of sickness karma. She appears very elderly; I have not seen her for several years. Fellow practitioner B, around 80 years old, practices with her third eye open, and is diligent with the three things. One day, she had a false manifestation of cerebral infarction and is now paralyzed in bed. Relatives do not let fellow practitioners come into contact with her, nor do they let her study the Fa or do the exercises. Fellow practitioner C, around 80, suddenly lost her sight….

Through experience sharing, we found that they all have a common point. That is, they did not reject old age, illness, and death in due time. On this point, their notions still remain on a human level.

A few years ago, a niece of fellow practitioner A gave her some elegant burial clothes. One day, after seeing an article on Minghui about burial clothes, she asked B, “What should I do with these?” B said, “No problem, just keep them.” So A just kept those burial clothes and did not dispose of them. She did not emphasize it in her heart either, and thereafter suffered from consecutive bouts of false sickness karma. Fellow Practitioner A, in her words, also said that B’s children once bought a burial ground for her. However B did not reject it in time, even telling her children that when the time came, they could just sweep the bone ashes into the river. Thereby, she was infected with cerebral infarction not long after, and remains paralyzed in bed to this day. C is the same situation as B. She encountered a similar situation, and also said the same things. Not long after, her eyes suddenly lost sight, and the problem persists to this day.

A few years ago, I also encountered two fellow practitioners in other environments. They were both around 70. After their husbands passed away, their children wanted to prepare double tombs for them. They did not reject this, and helplessly acknowledged it. As a result, their bodies suddenly aged significantly, and in their dreams their husbands kept coming back for them. Later, through group sharing, they denied old age, illness, and death in a timely fashion, sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the old force’s interference, and even published declarations on Minghui. One of them asked her son to destroy her tomb (clay tomb). Afterwards, in less than a month, both their bodies returned to their original state. Their bodies are just like when they were young, and they are continually diligent.

A few years ago, I too met with a similar circumstance. At that time, I felt in my mind that I was a certain person in history. At the time, Pureinsight had just published an article on certain historical figures and said that this particular person died at age 57. At the time I was enveloped by demonic interference from my own mind, so there was naturally some formless pressure, as I was also 57 years old that year. As a result, during that year I had several bouts of life and death tests, and suffered from severe illness karma. I struggled on death’s door. Only after realizing this element in due time and rejecting it was I able to escape…

As practitioners, we know that body and mind are one. If we don’t make breakthroughs in our mind and reject old age, illness, and death, then the human principles will restrict you, and the old forces will also use this as an excuse to persecute you. From another angle, by keeping these things (burial clothes, tombs, etc), then is there not a part of your mind that is wanting these things? Then why would you keep them? If you want them, then won’t the old forces create tribulations for you, and ultimately take away your life? Fellow practitioners, we should cultivate our every thought, and not give the old forces a single handle to grasp on.


Translated From: http://www.zhengjian.org/node/249202




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