The Hazards to Mobile Phone Addiction

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | April 6, 2019

[] In the Shen Yun show this year, two items made people laugh. One was a pair of lovers walking and focusing on their mobile phones. The boy then mistakenly took another boy’s hand while walking alongside and he was addicted to the mobile phone as well. The other item was a boy involved in a car accident. He was thrown to the ground, and his first reaction was to see if his cell phone was damaged.

In China, there was an advertisement “People will lose their minds if they leave cell phones for three to five minutes.”

It took less than twenty years for the mobile phones to become popular and even less for the 3G network to 4G. It meant within a short period, and people (especially young people) were controlled completely by it. People started to play with their cell phones while commuting or in the office. People became slaves of the cell phone.

There were more and more traffic accidents caused by using the cell phone. Long term cell phone usage already seriously influenced mental and physical health of young people.

Thinking carefully, I believed it was not simply because of the current science. From the perspective of cultivation, it was the evil who utilized people to destroy the human world.

In the thousands of years of human history, people have constantly enriched their entertainment activities under the protection of God. Before the mobile phones, people never felt their life was not substantial. When I was a kid, I never had any electric toy. All toy materials were from recycling. Lots of kids played hide and seek, etc. In the winter, we played outside until midnight without feeling cold.

However, our mind are now fully controlled by the mobile phone. It shouldn’t be like this.

If Dafa disciples were trapped in it, evil would interfere with us more crazily.

In the persecution launched by the evil party in China, mobile phones, ID cards all became tools for their monitoring and persecution.

I personally believed we should completely eliminate the attachment to all kinds of communication software such as mobile phone and Internet first. Then we need to learn face-to-face communication. It was obvious that our attachment to the mobile phone and communication software made the aliens and evil stronger.

We should always insist on the traditional communication way even with our relatives and friends. Then we can reduce the external monitoring, including the monitoring of our truth clarification through the phone.

No matter how sophisticated the monitoring technology is, it would be rectified by the Fa. Facing a huge variety of monitoring systems, we really need to demonstrate the power from Dafa.

For example, it was getting harder and harder to reach the work places of the main stream society to distribute the truth documents.

What should we do under such condition? As we mentioned before, there should be loopholes as long as they were man-made. It depended on whether we could treat it with righteous thoughts.

When a Dafa disciple didn’t have attachment to self-validation and keeping a low-key, I believe there would be many miracles to eliminate the evil lives behind the monitoring.

In the face of the increasing monitoring system, especially the big data system and face recognition system, we shouldn’t fall into the human technical trap to think about how to avoid it. There would be no way to go for us eventually.

We shouldn’t be attached to the technology and as long as we are not using it, we cannot send energy to the evil. Then we could send forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the interference from modern science. Only in this way, we could create a way to save people and live up to the trust of all beings.

Finally, there are practitioners who were still addicted to the instant message software such as WeChat: Whether our cultivation is good or not, we shouldn’t become the shield for the evil to help them to persecute us.


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