Some Thoughts on Increasing the Time for Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts

A Dafa Disciple in Mainland, China

PureInsight | April 6, 2019

[] Last New Year, I visited one veteran fellow practitioner. We talked about sending forth righteous thoughts. The fellow practitioner asked me, “How long do you send forth righteous thoughts each time?” I said, “I clean my own dimensional field for five minutes and clean the outside environment for ten minutes. Anything changed?” She said, “No changes, but I feel we are both veteran Dafa disciples. Our districts suffer from severe persecution. We should send forth righteous thoughts more frequently for a longer time. I clean the outside environment for 15 minutes.” The veteran fellow practitioner said she has been doing this for years. She is in a good cultivation state. After hearing what she said, I suddenly realized where to improve.

After returning home, I increased my time sending forth righteous thoughts by five minutes at 6 AM/PM, and 12 AM/PM. After doing that, I truly felt the difference. I could feel the energy become stronger and my mind become much more tranquil. I feel a greater responsibility when sending forth righteous thoughts. From my perspective, sending forth righteous thoughts for an extra five minutes will definitely eliminate a lot more evil, at least more than what we can eliminate within ten minutes. Even though my celestial eyes are not open, I can tell the big effects of my righteous thoughts in other dimensions. However, sometimes when I am busy, I do not want to spend an extra five minutes sending forth righteous thoughts. Nonetheless, if you really want to do this from your heart, you can be persistent. When you keep doing the extra five minutes of righteous thoughts, you feel really fulfilled. If you increase the time of righteous thoughts by five minutes, you will send out 20 more minutes of righteous thoughts per day. A month will add up to 600 minutes. One year will have an extra of 7200 minutes (120 hours). We can eliminate so many more evil forces by doing that! If everyone can increase their time of righteous thoughts by five minutes, we will certainly achieve a lot more!

I visited another fellow practitioner. I shared my thoughts on the duration of sending forth righteous thoughts with her and urged her to increase her time as well in order to eliminate evil things in the universe as quickly as possible because we are already on the last stage of the Fa-rectification period.  After hearing what I said, the fellow practitioner laughed, “After I clean my own dimensional field, I usually send forth righteous thoughts for 25 minutes. Sometimes I send forth righteous thoughts for half an hour, but in general, I sent forth righteous thoughts for at least 20 minutes. Sending forth righteous thoughts is for yourself and not anyone else.” I felt very embarrassed because I once thought increasing the time of righteous thoughts by five minutes was already good enough. The fellow practitioner whom I talked to is a truly diligent cultivator. Moreover, besides sending forth righteous thoughts at 6AM/PM, and 12AM/PM, I send forth righteous thoughts three to four times specifically to eliminate evil forces in my region, so I send forth righteous thoughts seven to eight times every day. I thought I already tried hard enough. Nonetheless, one time another fellow practitioner told me that she sent forth righteous thoughts every hour. She said she at least sent forth righteous thoughts ten times per day. Fellow practitioners all tried their best to eliminate evil forces and cultivate more diligently without complaining or saying anything.

Now it is 2019. I suggest we place more emphasis on sending forth righteous thoughts. I observed a phenomenon that some fellow practitioners did not emphasize righteous thoughts enough. Sometimes fellow practitioners share their experiences together and miss sending forth righteous thoughts; some fellow practitioners look at their watches continuously even though they only send forth righteous thoughts for ten minutes; some fellow practitioners open their eyes and look around when they were sending forth righteous thoughts; and some fellow practitioners fall asleep while sending forth righteous thoughts. Sending forth righteous thoughts is one of the three things all Dafa disciples need to do. We need to send forth righteous thoughts effectively. Lazy farmers who do not cultivate their crops carefully will not be able to harvest a lot in autumn. We should not be like those lazy farmers.

I am writing some of my thoughts to share with fellow practitioners. If I said anything wrong, please correct me.

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