Treat Cultivation Rationally and Reform Ourselves

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | May 14, 2020

[] I was talking with a practitioner, and another practitioner Z who I had not seen in a long time was there as well. She told us that she recently had a fever and did not feel well but did not take it seriously. Her son-in-law believed that she got the fever from not drying her hair after showering. She lost it when her son-in-law got involved because they do not get along with each other. They tend to argue about everything, which troubles Z’s daughter. Z has always had the attachment of arguing with people. Her daughter always says, “Your son-in-law is trying to help you cultivate. Why do you act like him? You are even worse than he is.” Z is usually left speechless.

Because she was not getting better and started worrying, her daughter also worried about her, so she called practitioner A and told her about Z. That night, practitioner A went to Z’s house, and they studied the Fa, discussed, and sent forth righteous thoughts together. Z felt better the next day, but her daughter was still concerned and wanted to measure Z’s body temperature. Z got mad and would not let her daughter measure it, so then they started to argue. Her daughter managed to take her body temperature with an infrared thermometer, and it turned out normal. Z’s daughter wanted to make sure, so she and her husband measured it again with a mercury glass thermometer. Z got even angrier and started to mumble. It turned out her body temperature was 39 degrees Celsius. The couple became scared and repeatedly measured it, which showed the same result. Z started having ordinary thoughts when she saw the results, so she used ordinary methods such as drinking ginger sugar water so she could sweat and recover. Z’s son-in-law bought her medicine and told her how to take them, so Z did. Her daughter asked, “Why do you listen to him when you always disagreed with him before?” In fact, Z was acting like an ordinary person, and her fever did not subside until 14 days later.

During this time, Z tried to persuade others to leave the house because her granddaughter was born three months ago. However, Z’s daughter said, “Do not use my daughter as an excuse. You are affecting her only because you are not cultivating well.” Z’s body temperature was 39 degrees Celsius, but she had no abnormal symptoms. Wasn’t this an illusion? Z started to change her mind and share with other practitioners. She started to look inward. She cried when we watched the “Kuaixingxing” music video together and when we read the new article “Rationality”. She realized Master was referring to her in the article when he said, “Those among Dafa disciples who are not diligent or have gone to extremes, hurry and set yourselves straight, and study the Fa and cultivate yourselves sincerely—because you are amid the gravest danger.” Z thought, “Won’t I be in great danger if I do not cultivate well? Hasn’t the evil exploited a loophole in my behavior recently?” She said she finally realized the seriousness of cultivation.

Z kept reminding me to tell other practitioners about the lesson she learned of not cultivating diligently. I could see her compassion and righteous thoughts. The bad became good, and her xinxing was elevated. Her son-in-law even said, “Look at our mom! She has changed!” Master also said in the article Rationality, “As people’s hearts change for the better, things will take a positive turn.” After exercising in the morning, Z started distributing truth clarification materials in her community.


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