My Husband’s Physical and Mental Improvement

A Dafa Disciple in China

PureInsight | October 28, 2020

[] I started practicing Falun Dafa in May 1997. Before I became a practitioner, I was sick and suffered from pain and misery every day. I had suicidal thoughts. An amazing miracle then happened, three days after I started practicing Falun Dafa, I was completely healed! My husband believed strongly in the power of Dafa. At the time, many other practitioners from our region came to my home to study the Fa together. Every week practitioners from the entire district had an experience sharing conference in my home, my husband had always been supportive, especially since seeing the dramatic health improvements and changes of my body. He always tells people that Falun Gong is really good, and that Falun Gong has miraculous healing effects.

In 1999 when the persecution began, my husband witnessed the police come to our home to search for Dafa-related materials. During that time I was making truth-clarification flyers and because of that I and three other practitioners were arrested. After that, I was forced into homelessness for 40 days. When I returned home, my husband was under pressure from the authorities to send me to a brainwashing camp, (because my husband worked for the government) and I was therefore imprisoned. After I was released from jail, my husband became strict with me and disallowed me from seeing other practitioners. He would not let me study the Fa or do the exercises. When we talked and he did not like what I had to say, he would throw away the Dafa materials I was working on, and even destroyed a new disk player that I bought. Sometimes his behavior was rampant – he looked like he was possessed by a demon, he would say that he wanted a divorce right away. I did not get mad and told him we could discuss it after the New Year, so our family could have a good new year. At the time, I did not study the Fa too well and hated my husband.

I used a flashlight at night to study the Fa under my bed covers and I used my break time at work to do the exercises during the day. Although there were flies everywhere during the summer months when I meditated, I still meditated every day. Then after a while something went wrong. I felt very weak and had breathing difficulties. I thought that I should maintain my own cultivation environment, so I asked my husband to let me do the exercises or else my body is not going to get better. He then noticed that I was not in good shape and eventually agreed to let me exercise at home.

Regardless of whether he liked it or not, I read the Fa to him every day and gradually things improved. One day we went shopping and he said “Let us buy a cabinet and put Master’s portrait and all the Fa materials together, so you do not need to hide them anymore.” I was so happy! Master finally got a respectful environment at my home. Now I can honorably respect Master. My husband also started burning incense and bowing to Master!

I then persuaded him to repent for the sins he had committed against Dafa, and he quietly took in what I told him. His health was not too good as he had a rare incurable disease. Twice a year I went with him to the hospital for checkups and to prevent the condition from getting worse. At one checkup I told him, “Write a solemn statement, confess everything you did wrong, and quickly repent.” He agreed and wrote a solemn statement to confess everything he did wrong, that night I helped him upload it on to The next day when we went to get another checkup, and the result showed that the disease had vanished! The doctor said, “You do not ever need to come back to our hospital, as the disease has vanished!” We were so happy! After my husband wrote his solemn statement, I realized that my husband had had a true change of heart, and Master then cleansed his body, he had truly been blessed by Master!

One night when my husband was driving home, he was in a head-on collision with another car, and both cars were badly damaged. When my child and I got to the scene of the car crash, we were scared and had no clue on the condition of my husband. I thought he must be seriously hurt. Then I saw him standing right next to me, without a scratch on him! That moment I thanked Master from the bottom of my heart.

When my husband was assigned to the leader of the political and law commission, I was worried. That department is the same as the 610 office, and he could potentially commit big crimes against Dafa. So, I sent forth righteous thoughts every day to stop the evil’s arrangement. This worked, and my husband did not get transferred straight away. He later received a phone call from a government leader, telling him that because your wife practices Falun Gong, he would not be able to work at the 610 office. I thanked Master deeply! This way he will not accrue karma.

When you make a sincere, righteous wish, Heavenly Beings will acknowledge. My husband’s change has turned him into a better person. From my practicing Falun Dafa, he has benefited enormously.  Another life has truly been saved. Thank you Master. I will strive to cultivate myself, eliminate incorrect notions, and do the three things well. I will save more people, and honor my pre-historic vows.     

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