How to Save Yourself During the Large Pandemic New Century Films’ New Film “In Times of Crisis”

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PureInsight | May 14, 2020

[] In response to the crisis caused by the "CCP virus" pandemic, New Century Films based in New York released a new film "In Times of Crisis". It focuses on the life of an ordinary family in China amidst the ongoing worldwide pandemic. It narrates the suffering of millions of Chinese people. It also focuses on how people can save themselves during the moment of crisis between life and death, good and evil. It sheds light on the meaning of new hope.

The film is based on real events. In the spring of the 2020 Lunar New Year, a terrible virus originating in Wuhan, China rapidly ravaged millions of families within two months. The major juncture of nine provinces instantly became Hell on earth. To censor this news, the CCP arrested people who spread the truth. Everyone was in danger and fear.

A family of six in a small town near Wuhan all became infected. They had nowhere to go for medical treatment, and the police blocked off their home. During this desperate and isolating time, a young girl changed this family’s fate. What did she bring to magically make the virus disappear? What happened behind the blocked doors? How did this family’s fate change?

On one side, the evil continued, while on the other side, someone was trying to save people, regardless of the dangers. What choices would people make in times of crisis?

The producer of New Century Films said many viewers had tears in their eyes after watching the film. They believe that the new film "In Times of Crisis" will bring inspiration during today’s moment of crisis.


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