What I Know of Earth's History and Mysteries (3): The Riddle of the Baghdad Battery

Dao Ming, a Falun Dafa practitioner in mainland China

PureInsight | July 19, 2020


Preface: As the Fa rectification progresses, so do I continuously upgrade my xinxing in Dafa cultivation, assimilating myself to the universe's principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance, and as such, my wisdom deepens and my capabilities strengthen. Dafa has revealed to me, at my realm of cultivation, the truths of different levels, including Earth's history and mysteries. I have written these down to share with fellow practitioners.

The Riddle of the Baghdad Battery

One summer day in 1936 in the outskirts of Iraq's capital Baghdad just outside Khujut Rabua, construction workers were busy building a railway when they unexpectedly unearthed a giant stone tomb. Many names were carved into the stone slab in ancient Arabic. In the sarcophagus, aside from discovering lots of gold, silver, and precious stones, they found a weird ancient battery with a tube of copper, an iron rod, and a clay pot. This battery is the well-known Baghdad battery.

The Baghdad battery had been an unsolved mystery for a long time. Until now, none of the world's archaeologists managed to explain clearly how it came about and its use. Today I will unveil the mystery surrounding the Baghdad battery.

When speaking of the Baghdad battery, one must discuss the history of a prehistoric civilization, which has not been recorded in any history books. What was revealed to me at my realm is the following: 23,800 years ago on the continent of West Africa, there existed a very advanced country called the Kingdom of Yadushu. (This name’s translation means: the nation where all gods inhabit.) The country was a constitutional monarchy. They had a population of eight million. The people's skin color was black and brown. They believed in the god corresponding to the black people's world in heaven. People here were simple, honest, and kindhearted. They were most devout and held a firm belief in their god. Owing to their faith, they placed great importance in the study of the human body, celestial bodies, and the cosmos. They had developed their own innate capabilities and reached an advanced standard, for they emphasized the connection between the human body, nature, and the cosmos. They researched the correlations between these subjects and applied such theories to their lives.

Both myself and a practitioner with whom I am well acquainted had actually reincarnated into the third dynasty of the Kingdom of Yadushu. I was a cleric in charge of logistics and finances. The other practitioner's name was Yadi (meaning an emissary of the divine). Her foundation was excellent, resulting in her having great capabilities from a young age. She was regarded amongst cultivators as one genius out of 10,000. She was taken as an important figure in the kingdom and started cultivating at age five, receiving special strengthening from a high-level Daoist. After 20 years of arduous cultivation by the time she was 30 years old, Yadi had attained a high-level mastery of Fa powers. There were not even ten people in the entire country who had such a high-level Daoist master like Yadi. One of Yadi's special abilities allowed her to enter into other space-times. In that life, we privately exchanged secrets. I would often give her suggestions about what she should do when entering other space-times, things that would help her accomplish the duties the nation assigned to her. Yadi's mission was to explore Earth's history and future. The science and technology of that time was quite advanced. Even though Yadi was able to pass through into other space-times with her own divine powers, humans at the time developed a time machine which allowed people to traverse into other space-times. The time machine was ten meters in diameter. It could seat two people. It had a string window in the front. It operated on micromolecular energy. The machine was normally in a semi-invisible state and could be controlled with one's mind intent. The time machine allowed the time traveler to stay in other space-times for an extended period of time. It was a powerful flying machine.

Once, Yadi used the time machine to travel to a small village in ancient Persia in the third century BC. There was a shepherd who witnessed from nearby the descent and landing of this time machine. He mistook it for a deity who had descended to Earth and was so excited to have personally witnessed this miracle. He was amazed to find a used battery [from the time machine], which had dropped to the ground. The battery had very powerful energy and released heat. The shepherd took it as a token from the gods, and it was passed down from generation to generation since then. When the battery was passed down to the 28th generation, it had become well-known among the aristocrats and wealthy, who took great interest in it. They all wanted to possess the battery for themselves. In order to prevent them from seizing the battery, the shepherd's descendants decided to bury the battery in a coffin with their deceased family member. The battery had been passed down over so many generations that its original carbon fiber outer shell was gradually falling off. Later generations replaced it with a clay pot. This is one aspect that modern archaeologists cannot figure out because the internal structure and case are not products of the same age. This is why no matter how they hypothesize, they cannot come to a satisfactory conclusion. Actually, the development of today's science restricts man's thought. If one wants to unveil the many mysteries of Earth, one must jump out of stubborn notions and change one's mode of thinking and understanding things.

Yadi cultivated among humans for 200 years. She lived through two dynasties. She used her abilities to pass through other space-times many times. She would often traverse through history's past and future, covering every corner of the world. Even though she could enter any era, she was not allowed to take anything back from any era, or else she would cause disorder to her own material field, causing her to be unable to return to her own era. Through the time machine's projector, images from any era of the past and future can be saved and brought back, and through this method they were able to learn from civilizations of different periods, making up for any deficiencies in their own society.

In that period, many high-level cultivators prophesied that the lord of the universe would descend to the human world in the future to disseminate Dafa and save all sentient beings. Because of this, Yadi and her master were not permitted to travel to any time within the last 2,000 years of this period. They are aware that gods had made systematic arrangements for Fa-rectification, and nobody is permitted to cause disruption.

Every aspect of society in the Kingdom of Yadushu was influenced by the science of the human body. In terms of farming, they had the extraordinary ability to grow huge grains and fruit, which were full of nutrition. The government would dispatch emissaries who had extrasensory abilities to scout out mineral resources. The energy field emitted from these mineral resources was used to accurately seek out various rare metals. These metals were then used to support the development of the industry and produce a special kind of machine, which was used to strengthen people's supernormal powers.

Every dynasty of the Kingdom of Yadushu carried on the tradition of respecting the humanities and nature, venerating the heavens, and loving the earth. They devoted their efforts to developing a garden kingdom. There were forests for as far as the eye can see, vast grasslands brimming with fragrant flowers, and the sounds of bird's chirping. Those living in this environment were at peace, calm, and quiet. It was a harmonious coexistence between man and nature.

Even though there were few hostilities at the peak period of the Kingdom of Yadushu, and the world was at peace, their military was the most powerful I have ever seen in any period of history. At the time, heretics of an evil cult started a war. The way the Kingdom of Yadushu handled this war was most unique. They gathered all those in the kingdom who possessed the strongest divine powers to eliminate the flesh bodies of those evil people who started the war in the secular world. In the initial planning stages of the war, they would eliminate negative spirits and evil chiefs, putting an end to the war. If enemy troops invaded, they would directly use their atmospheric weapons to annihilate the enemy troops. Say it is a blistering hot summer day. Suddenly the enemy's troops would be besieged by many cultivators who possessed powerful abilities. The cultivators would use their abilities to cause the air temperature to plummet to below -20 degrees Celsius (-4 Fahrenheit). The hostile forces, who were wearing summer attire and not in the least bit prepared, froze to death, and their entire army was defeated.

From beginning to end, the Kingdom of Yadushu had a total of seven dynasties, lasting a few hundred years. By the seventh dynasty, society's morality had plummeted and human hearts became dark and depraved. Their religion went through multiple reforms until eventually they stopped believing in a righteous god and began believing in a devil. After some time, heaven punished them, and an epidemic spread, resulting in the ultimate demise of the kingdom.

History is like a rotating wheel. Ten million years have already passed at a turn of the wheel, and the world has gone through many changes. Though many things of remote ages remain, the people of those ages are long gone. In the blink of an eye, these events pass by like mists and clouds, only to be buried in the boundless river of history.

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