Dangerous Human Attachments

Tian Zhiyao from Mainland China

PureInsight | February 13, 2021

[PureInsight.org] In Dafa cultivation, in addition to maintaining righteous thoughts and rationality at all times, I found that the following human attachments are the most harmful. They must eventually be removed. Otherwise they will attract interference and evil persecution.

1. Fear: Fear attracts ghosts because fear is negative. This attachment produces a negative material field in another dimension, which manifests as terrifying and scary things, which can cause a practitioner to lose one’s righteousness and positivity. At the same time, fear begets suspicion. Some people waver and are hesitant, but they are actually being controlled by deviant factors brought about by fear. This is all caused by fear. In fact, fearing anything is wrong.

2. Lust: This attachment attracts many dirty things. As soon as this attachment emerges, low-level lust demons and ghosts swarm. Many cultivators gave up halfway because of it. This attachment is very dirty, like garbage dumps and toilets, places that flies like. But it is very difficult to fully avoid it in our cultivation among ordinary people. My understanding is that Dafa was spread in ordinary society, and we cannot become monks. Human society is large cultivation environment. Everyone's lives and work are the cultivation environment. We have to treat it lightly and let go. If one has no desires, one will be strong. We should try to dilute and remove it. There is no problem with a dignified marriage, but one must never indulge in sensuality like ordinary people. Through cultivating our hearts and eliminating desires, we must have no wrong thoughts.

3. The competitive mentality: This attachment conforms to the hatred of evil spirits. When exposed, one exhibits resentment, annoyance, hatred, and jealousy. Sometimes it is magnified by evil factors without us knowing it. When this attachment arises, one falls into an evil maze and no longer conforms to Dafa’s xinxing requirements. Our Dafa has no enemies and cultivates goodness. We must be kind to ordinary people. Dafa eliminates evil through righteous thoughts, which eliminate layers of evil that interfere with Dafa. At the surface dimension, we can only use wisdom to clarify the truth and save people. We absolutely cannot have evil thoughts or use violence. This is a personal understanding. We must clearly distinguish and not let the evil exploit loopholes.

4. Jealousy: This is the origin of all selfishness. If one does not eliminate this attachment, one cannot cultivate an open mind, and there will be no tolerance for others. Jealousy breeds evil thoughts, which is self-destructive to cultivators. Shen Gongbao's jealousy towards Jiang Ziya is a precedent.

5. Zealotry: This will cause people to lose their minds, become impulsive, and be interfered by evil spirits. Thus, no matter how much one has done in Dafa cultivation, one cannot have the attachment of zealotry. Do things for the salvation of sentient beings without seeking results.

6. The mentality of showing off: This will make people become extremely lofty and arrogant and lose their nature as if drunk and crazy. It may also cause trouble. This is exactly the same as Monkey King showing off his robes in Guanyin Temple and ordinary people showing off their wealth online. Maintain a low profile in cultivation and always be alert to not show off.

7. Attachments: This is very broad. Generally speaking, it is mainly not being able to let go of fame, fortune, and sentimentality. Specifically, it can vary. However, they can expand and may be strengthened and used by the evil without one knowing it, which is very dangerous. There may be a process. If one cannot identify and remove it in time, one will fall into a trap. For example, the attachment to mobile phones, the attachment to watching TV, the attachment to cars, etc. Also older fellow practitioners’ may have an attachment to their children or homeland. In fact, one may form attachments to any object or emotions around you. All objects and factors of fame, fortune, and sentimentality will firmly cling to one's heart and prevent one from transcending the human realm. This is the greatest difficulty in cultivating the main soul. This deviant environment has far exceeded an evil world with its numerous temptations. Therefore, we must extricate ourselves from ordinary society and take the initiative to break out of the delusion of the human realm.

There are many phenomena in the world, and there are many human attachments. Practitioners must hold on to truthfulness, compassion, and forbearance; cultivate great compassion and forbearance to become pure; eliminate all bad human attachments; and walk with Master in a pure manner. The above is my personal sharing and encouragement for fellow practitioners.


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