What a Six-Year-Old Practitioner’s Third Eye Had Seen During End CCP Activity

Yun Chong, a Falun Dafa practitioner in the U.S

PureInsight | July 18, 2021

[PureInsight.org] Since the U.S election last year, it has been imperative that our Dafa practitioners help sentient beings see through the nature of CCP and make right choices. As a local fellow practitioner agreed with me, we carried two children of our own to give out ‘The Heaven Disintegrates CCP’ leaflets door-to-door, and encouraged people to sign a petition.

Tingjun Lei, my son, was born in the U.S, and is aged six this year. The following were the situation when we attended some local assemblies and what my son’s third eye had seen.

Statement: Due to limited level, what is described below is only part of the scene my child had seen.

Many people attended the assembly on that day. When we first arrived, someone who knew us asked where they could sign this awesome petition. I told them, “You just need to wait until I set up the table.” Then several Americans helped me with the table, and signed the petition right away, and even encouraged the passers-by to do this, bringing CCP’s infiltration into the U.S to an end.

Sign Board

We placed the sign board and a few leaflets on the small-sized table. One practitioner who did not have a good command of English held our sign board, showing the ‘End CCP’ petition form to passers-by.

Many people had queued to sign the petition. I’d got only one pen, while I could not afford the time to get more pens. Fortunately, people chatted with each other  and queued patiently. I kept answering their questions, telling each of them of the nature of CCP. I told them that we should keep our faith in God, but let go of communism. Lots of people felt thankful for what we’d done and agreed to invite their households and friends to sign online petitions.

Tingjun said that the corresponding divine bodies of those ordinary people told them to come over and sign. Then the human-sided ordinary people followed and signed the petition with their divine bodies. After signing the petition, that divine body flied back to the Third Eye. The other Gods in the Heaven then could clearly see this everyday person can survive.

On the top of End CCP form, there’s a message that outlined the nature of CCP in English. However what Tingjun saw was that the message was written both in Chinese and English. I felt surprised to know that this appeared to be Canonization of the Gods.

I asked Tingjun: “Some people might have planned to attend the assembly due to their sense of justice. But they might not see us because they stayed far away. Or if they were on security duty and could not come over; what should they do?” Tingjun smiled and replied to me: “Mum, their divine bodies have already come over and signed.”

Falun in the Sky

Tingjun saw that there was a huge Falun in the sky. In his own words, the Falun was as gigantic as 1,000 state government buildings were; even larger than the Earth. From the clouds, some demons have only one big eye; some do not have a head; some have eyes on their stomachs; some have ten eyes; some are like skeletons; some are like vampires; some are like zombies, etc. They were wiped out when they encountered the Falun, and the blood they shed was all green.

On the cloud, the female bodhisattva beat the demons that look like female ghosts; the male Buddhas were destroying male ghosts; the demons purged by the Taoist gods have beards, and so on. Ghosts and ghosts also talked to each other.

Then, the destroyed evil spirits and rotten ghosts will fall from the clouds. Tingjun also vividly simulates the sound of falling, like the sound of wind, describing it as falling to the ground very quickly. Some fell into a hole in the ground and disappeared; some fell into a pool with a large fountain behind the state government building and exploded.

Condor on the Exhibition Board

I made some exhibition boards. The designer of the board used a painter’s painting. It was an American bald eagle struggling with its paws to pull an American flag that was about to be torn. The other end of the restraint was a communist sickle hooked this flag. I thought this painting vividly shows the current American society and the determination of the righteous Americans preventing a great nation being corroded by communism.

On the scene of the assembly, Tingjun saw the eagles painted on the board flying, which was attending the battle between the righteous and evil. They grabbed evils’ arms or bodies with their claws, pecked them with their mouths, or flew up and threw them to the ground to death, and so on. Those demons and rotten ghosts screamed to death. I also printed a small image and placed it next to the petition form. Tingjun told me that when the eagle flew out, the expression of this space was that the wind blew the paper and turned the paper over.

The Ordinary People Who Are Saved Should also Enter the War.

By the end of the assembly, I requested the organiser to give me a bit of time to make a speech. Other speakers had been arranged prior to the assembly, so the organiser kept my contact details and would give me an opportunity next time. However, I felt worried I might not have next chance. I talked to Master silently in my mind, “I’m a Dafa practitioner, God’s messenger. I’ve determined to deliver Gods’ will. If I wait until next time, I might meet with a different group of people. I really don’t want to miss today’s opportunity. Please help me, revered Master.”

When the organiser saw my exhibition board, he said to me immediately: “I love your message.” Because the assembly was nearly finished and weather was getting cold, I was given 60 seconds. I told him it was hard for me to finish my speech in a minute. Then he gave me two minutes. I agreed with his decision and requested Master’s help: As I had to pass on the messages listed on the board to the audience within two minutes, it was important not to omit any positive information.

When the second last speaker nearly finished her words, the organiser came to me and said: “You will be the one to finish our rally. It’s a very important role. You will be the best! Take whatever time you need for your speech.” I stayed a peaceful mind; it seemed that everything came naturally.

When it was my turn to speak, I told the audience that I’m free from any political party; I’m just an American who yearns for freedom. I’m originally from China. As CCP is most evil, I would like to get rid of the vile party in the U.S. The United States is a great nation which has a strong faith in God. However, communism has infiltrated into the U.S society and reached a climax. As a result, our faith in God has been flinched. Last year, CCP virus had led to a global pandemic, which manifested that CCP is the biggest threat. The U.S does not want communism, neither does the world.

Then I encouraged the audience to sign the petition at our table or to do an online petition. Finally, I told them, “I believe this is because God is giving us more time to wake up the children who are still sleeping and the children who have been deceived. God loves his children. God wants to bring more children home! we should thus never give up our faith in God. No matter how long it may take, we will never give up! Justice will prevail! "At that moment, I felt the immense power of Fa-rectification penetrated through the heavens and the earth like a blast of thunder, and went straight to the universe!

I was given warm applause and cheers, while the host played music which was uplifting. Many people took photos with me and high-five. They told me, "You are the best speaker today!" A Chinese compatriot came up and said to me, "You are very brave." I asked them to sign the petition to support this justice. Many people told me that they have already signed an on-site or online petition. They felt thankful for our bringing information about the petition to them.


I felt most grateful for Master’s arrangement, while I didn’t feel arrogant at all.

Master taught us in Congratulatory Message, The Essentials of Diligent Progress Vol.III, “Dafa disciples, you are golden light in the mortal world, the hope of the world’s people, Fa-disciples who help Master, and future Fa-Kings.”

After returning home, I asked Tingjun what the other dimension was like when I was speaking. Tingjun said that when I spoke, apart from the Law Wheel and the Buddha, Dao, and Gods cleaning up demons, he saw two naughty little fairies playing and performing in the sky above my head. When I talked about something humorous, the audience below was laughing, this was because two little fairies made some funny moves to make everyone laugh. Later, they bumped into each other, fell down, and sat on the ground. It was very funny, so the audience below all smiled.

In the meantime, he saw that the Gods’ side of those ordinary people were all in the heaven, some shooting arrows into the sky, and some shooting darts-like things, destroying the evil in the sky. This surprised me. I realized that those ordinary people who are saved are righteous powers in the world; and in other dimensions, the Gods’ side of those ordinary people were also participating in this battle between righteous and evil!

Tingjun Got Hurt

We didn't get back home until it was getting late. Tingjun fell asleep in the car. At home, he slept for a while before having a dinner. He asked me: "Mum, do you know why I was tired? Because I was injured." He said that a ghost had scratched his left arm. I fought with him in other dimensions. Because he was injured and I was still protecting him at the same time. So his side of human body felt very sleepy. But when he was sleeping, his guardian dragon (assigned to him by Master when he was born) brought him a large blue band-aid and stuck it on his left arm. After he recovered in another dimension, he also woke up in human dimension. So he didn’t feel painful anymore.

He also saw many ghosts biting people on the ground at the rally. Next to us, an old man with a white beard attending a rally was bitten by a ghost. The manifestation in the secular society was that he felt discouraged and kept saying "What should we do? What should we do? We can't stop it." He said it many times.

Actually I was like this when I felt less confident with my cultivation state. There should be a cause for my being distressed in some occasions. It is particularly necessary to cultivate myself.


I had lots of feelings attending this rally. I wrote only part of it.

Every practitioner participating in the rally was important, as everyone shared the work. One practitioner held the sign board, standing like a lighthouse. A practitioner and my eldest son took the sign board and went around to invite the people to sign; two practitioners who came late helped take photos and carry out interviews. Every role was indispensable. And Tingjun saw that the divine side of these practitioners were fighting in other dimensions, clearing the space field.

I realized that the ordinary things we usually do were really earth-shattering manifestations in other dimensions. Even a strong-figured American security guard at the scene told our petite fellow practitioner that our arrival made him peaceful, and even some groups who came to make trouble did not misbehave. In essence, our arrival has brought them righteous thoughts and Master’s salvation.

Tingjun could see lots of things in other dimensions.  Occasionally he could let me know; sometimes he couldn’t. In the past, I would tell my husband of what Tingjun saw in other dimensions. Then he stopped me spreading his words and said to me: “Mum, please don’t tell others.” For this reason, I seldom talked to others about things that took place in other dimensions, keeping it a secret between Tingjun and I.

I felt that Master asked me to write this article. At the final stage of Fa-rectification period, Dafa disciples are the leading role, regardless of the confusion and chaos in the current human society. We must carry out our task to save sentient beings, which is the fundamental. At such a critical moment, I realized that I should save living beings as many as I can.

Master taught us in Teaching the Fa at the 2002 Fa Conference in Philadelphia, U.S.A., “We have a lot of students who've really been improving fast as they continue to cultivate themselves. And as a whole you've especially done better and better in improving together, and in cooperating with each other. Now it's a matter of how you can do even better and in a more refined way the things that now need to be done. Since you're Dafa disciples, you shouldn't put your hopes in so-called ‘natural’ changes, external changes, changes in the ordinary society, or in some favors that someone might do for us. You are Gods, and you are the future rulers of different cosmoses, so who would you count on? All the beings are counting on you! (Applause) That's truly how it is. The cosmos's reality will manifest in the near future, and at that time whether we have done well or poorly will be set--however things went will be set. As long as this affair hasn't ended there's still an opportunity. Each one of us is walking his own path, and consummating his own Attainment Status. In the future the Dafa disciples will be able to see whether they've done well on this path of validating the Fa and saving sentient beings. You'll even see vividly the little things that happened somewhere during your process of Fa-rectification. Of course, the evil and the bad beings can't see the future. The sentient beings that you've saved, and those sentient beings who are able to realize what's going on as you clarify the facts, they too will soon witness the magnificent scene of your Consummation. (Applause) And that will definitely be open and dignified.”

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