Master Reveals a Heavenly Secret - The Preciousness of Fa Study

A Japanese Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | March 18, 2021

[] I am a veteran disciple who obtained the Fa before July 20, 1999. Although I have made rapid progress in cultivation through various tests and tribulations in the past two years, it has been very difficult to make a breakthrough in Fa study. Recently, I finally made a breakthrough under Master’s guidance and compassionate enlightenment. I would like to express my gratitude to Master with this article and share with fellow practitioners my recent thoughts about studying the Fa.


Interference While Studying the Fa

Master has always emphasized the importance of Fa study in Collected Fa Teachings. Experience sharing articles from fellow practitioners often mention the importance of studying the Fa with one’s heart. However, either I did not pay attention to these two points before, or the old forces arranged thoughts that caused resistance while studying the Fa. Although I studied the Fa daily, I often felt like I was completing a task. Especially when I study Zhuan Falun, I feel that because I know the sentences already, I gain no new understanding. Sometimes I force myself to read without wanting to sincerely.

When studying the Fa, I did not internalize the Fa. I never even thought about what studying the Fa with one’s heart means. I thought as long as I read it, I would learn it. I was completely following formalities and did not even know what I learned immediately after reading. Therefore, I often read the Collected Fa Teachings since I found it easier to internalize what I read and learn from it. The difficult I had studying Zhuan Falun gave me a sense of fear. Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2015 West Coast Fa Conference, “If you can manage to persist in studying the Fa, truly set aside your human thoughts and attachments when you read the Fa, and sincerely read Zhuan Falun every step of the way, then you will win the admiration of divine beings.” I enlightened that studying Zhuan Falun while focused is not easy in the long term. This may be because the Fa is too important. Once one obtains the Fa, one can transcend the many obstacles of cultivation. Because the old forces do not want you to succeed in cultivation, they will not let you obtain the Fa easily and increase the difficulty of Fa study. They will make you sleepy, busy, emotional, and so on. Because without breakthroughs in Fa study and guiding Fa principles in cultivation, one’s cultivation will inevitably encounter bottlenecks. After remaining at a certain level for a period of time, I finally made up my mind to make a breakthrough in Fa study while study Zhuan Falun. Because Master said in Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. Fa Conference, “Zhuan Falun is a systematic work of Dafa, secrets of Heaven that can enable a person to Consummate.”


Studying Two Lectures of Zhuan Falun Daily to Break Through the Bottleneck of Fa Study

Since then, I made myself a goal to study two lectures daily. During Fa study, I either kneel or sit in the full-lotus position. I thought of articles by practitioners with opened inner eyes that mentioned even heavenly gods kneel while listening to the Fa. I think this is not simply a matter of posture. It also reflects one’s pious heart and respect towards Master and the Fa. I also thought I should abandon all human notions while studying the Fa. How could I obtain the heavenly Fa with human notions while studying? For example, I have a deeply rooted notion that studying the Fa is just like reading a book. I believe studying the Fa should be done without any human notions. If we saw this book was a shining treasure that revealed countless magical manifestations upon opening and behind each word was the image of Master's spiritual body, would we hesitate to read it? Because our inner eyes have not shown us the truth behind this treasured book, we are in delusion. Do these things not exist just because we cannot see them? Does this not reflect our poor enlightenment quality? When I thought about this, my respect for Dafa increased. As I held the Dafa book, my previous notions while studying the Fa disappeared. Instead, I felt that Master was teaching me the Fa before my eyes. I burst into tears. I felt that the substance between Dafa and me melted away, and I felt closer to the Fa. When I previously read about “entity attachment,” “stealing energy,” “amassing chi,” and other teachings, I thought it had nothing to do with me, but now I have new understandings in every section. Master uses these seemingly irrelevant Fa principles to enlighten me on Fa principles that I had not seen before or hint at issues related to my current cultivation. My previous understanding that these Fa principles were unrelated to me was shallow and ignorant.

I also realized that the sequence of Master’s lectures is carefully arranged and has broad meaning. While studying the Fa, I have experienced feelings that usually happen while practicing the exercises, such as a strong energy field or sitting on a rotating lotus plate. While studying Dafa again, I feel that every sentence strengthens my faith. I agree with each sentence in my heart. Every sentence is a true principle. Previously I felt that I did not firmly believe in every sentence Master said. I did not fully understand the Fa and felt some of the Fa was too outlandish. With such human notions, the Fa did not manifest itself to me. Knowing the preciousness of the Fa, I now strive to overcome all kinds of interference in Fa study. First, I must calm down and study wholeheartedly. If I lose concentration, I slap myself and force myself to study with firm belief. Master saw my diligent heart while studying the Fa, so he used his thoughts to tell me that many people only superficially know the importance of Fa study. Those who truly understand the Fa greatly cherish it. Knowing the value of Fa study can make one diligent in Fa study and improve in cultivation. Master told me with his thoughts, “This teaching from Master is a heavenly secret.” I believe that only when one understands this heavenly secret can one be diligent in Fa study, avoid detours, and move forward on the road of cultivation. It suddenly dawned on me that when I studied the Fa before, I did not really obtain the Fa, which shows that the heavenly secret is not casually revealed to someone who does not know how to cherish the Fa. Master said in Teaching the Fa in the City of Los Angeles, “On the other hand, those who are not diligent are likewise studying the Fa, and they know that the Fa is very good, but their thinking is not grounded in the Fa and they don’t have ample righteous thoughts. So, naturally their understanding is not high; that is, they can’t truly understand the preciousness of the Fa. That’s why they’re not all that motivated.” Our level of cherishing and piety to the Fa is far from the standard!

Master let me understand the preciousness and urgency of Fa study using his thoughts. I felt that Fa study was like providing nutrition into my body. If I were not eager to study the Fa, my body would wither away. The Fa is the source extending my life. When I study the Fa, I really feel that studying the Fa energizes me little by little, renewing my vitality and righteous thoughts.

The above is my personal understanding. Please compassionately point out anything inappropriate.


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