Be Aware of Not Following the Fa in our Behavior

A Dafa Disciple Dafa from Mainland China

PureInsight | June 17, 2021

[] As Dafa practitioners, respecting Master and the Fa is a natural matter, and there is no objection to this. The problem is that in some parts of the mainland, some practitioners invented many things that are not in the Fa, and repeatedly instilled them among practitioners.

Some of them ask other practitioners to burn incense in a tripod; some say practitioners must burn incense with nine sticks and light a butter lamp in front of the Master's image with flowers (flowers are changed once a day) and water, and so on. Their actions drove away many practitioners who were not familiar with the Fa. However, some practitioners did not agree with their practices.

I personally feel that even after searching all of Master’s lectures, there is no mention of the above. Regarding the perspective of respect of Master from an individual, it would not be appropriate for all the practitioners do the same because we are not a religion. Master has told us that “a Great Way has no form”, so we definitely cannot turn ‘respecting Master and respecting the Fa’ into an immobilized and formalized way. It only makes the practitioners pay attention to the form and ignore the actual and genuine cultivation.

Let us think about it. When other practitioners say that this is not in line with the Fa, have you really looked inward? How much do you devote yourself to cultivation and Fa-rectification?

Real respect for Master and the Fa is not reflected in how many incenses are burned to Master, but whether we can always do what we should do according to Master's requirements.

In addition, some practitioners are keen to show the other practitioners what to do, and always tell the other practitioners about any illness or disaster they are going to have recently. When the other practitioners pointed out the problems, some practitioners said it was a manifestation of compassion. This reminds me of the other qigong masters' treatment of illness mentioned by Master in Zhuan Falun. When the person's statement to other practitioners is fulfilled, other practitioners will admire that person. If the person says anything from then on, those practitioners will obey. This has led to a serious obstacle for the practitioners to ‘obey a practitioner's words but do not obey the Fa’.

Another point is that we are all cultivating, so our opinion might interfere other practitioners’ understanding. In this way, if a practitioner does not obey the Fa, but express one’s opinion directly to the other practitioners, it will cause interference to other practitioners.

I personally feel that even when we really know that other practitioners are about to encounter something, the most important thing for us is to communicate with fellow practitioners on the Fa, rather than just taking it for granted in some way. Those are all side road cultivation methods. In long term, the evil will easily take advantage of the loopholes and cause serious interference to oneself and other practitioners. Of course, silently sending forth righteous thoughts to clean up is a good method.

Historical opportunities are extremely limited. Many practitioners who do not take their chance might be easily taken advantage of by evil and interfered in our cultivation and Fa-rectification. We must pay attention to this aspect.

This article is focusing on things but not on certain people. I hope that fellow practitioners can do well and be righteous on the final road.



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