Breaking Through the Illusion of ‘No Time’

Qinglian, a Falun Dafa Practitioner in China

PureInsight | February 11, 2022

[] I am an office worker, and I am very busy. I leave home early every morning and return home late. I basically use the evening time to study the Fa and do the exercises. After giving birth to my baby four years ago, time has been even tighter. All of my time seems to be occupied by ordinary things, such as working during the day and taking care of the baby during the evening. This made me very distressed. I really wanted to study the Fa and do the exercises at night, but I was often interrupted by various things. I was helpless and very tired. After finishing the housework at night, I fell asleep quickly when I lay in bed, and I often missed the time to send forth righteous thoughts, as well as the global exercise time in the early morning. What should I do if this continues? Wasn't this far from Dafa’s requirements? In response to this kind of interference, I often sent forth righteous thoughts, but my xinxing had not improved, so just sending forth righteous thoughts was not enough.

I looked within and found that to a large extent I was disturbed by my own attachments, such as to comfort and ease, laziness, slacking off, and fear of suffering. I immediately dismantled these attachments, curbing their manipulation over my thinking, and became determined to seize the time to cultivate. Looking back now, the reason why I felt that I did not have enough time was because I had not cultivated well, and that I had been ‘covered’ by my attachments. Isn’t it cultivation to rise above and beyond the complex environment of ordinary human society? How could I have become so drawn in, causing delays to my cultivation? Human society is like the Dan-smelting furnace. One can cultivate in any environment. If one feels that there's ‘no time’ or that there's ‘not enough time,’ this is revealing their own attachments. As long as you have a firm heart, nothing can be an excuse.

Master said in Fa Teaching at the 2007 New York Fa Conference, "The various professions in the human world are all cultivation sites that are provided to you. This goes back to the topic that I brought up earlier--that everything of mankind in the Three Realms has been created for Dafa, built up for Dafa, and has come for Dafa. One can cultivate while doing anything or while working in any profession. In other words, human society is one big practice site for the cultivation of my Dafa disciples, and you can cultivate no matter where you are. It just depends on whether you are diligent or not in your cultivation, and that holds as well for those who are doing things as special agents. (Audience laughs) You all can cultivate and save beings. It is just a question of how you align your thinking and what kind of attitude you have toward the Fa."

In fact, Master has already arranged the best cultivation path for me, and has also helped me to fulfill my wish. One day, on the way home from work, a thought suddenly popped into my mind, "It would be great if I could go back to my fellow practitioner's company to work, so that I would have more time to study the Fa and share with practitioners, that is, comparing in studying as well as cultivating.” Not long after that, I actually received a call from that practitioner, who asked me if I would like to return to her company to work. At that time, I was extremely grateful and thanked Master for His meticulous arrangements. I kept saying in my heart, "Thank you, Master, thank you..."

After I went back to this workplace, the environment was relatively relaxed. I was able to use more spare time during the day to memorize the Fa. With this favorable environment, I felt that I was able to improve a lot. Now I do not feel that the quality of my cultivation is affected by time. It was my level of diligence and determination that was lacking. We must not be blocked by our own attachments and notions. As our xinxing improves, the environment will change.

A truly diligent cultivator knows how to use time rationally and make the most of one's time. We can also make use of our break time at work. For example, taking the time to recite "On Dafa (Lunyu)," "Hong Yin," or "Essentials for Further Advancement,” etc., on the way to and from work, or even memorizing a little Fa every day. This will accumulate over time, and the benefits will be great. In a quiet environment, we can send forth righteous thoughts anytime and anywhere. When we are free, we can look within to examine our cultivation state. Have we said or done something not based on the Fa? Which attachments have been exposed because of this? Isn't that seizing the time to cultivate?

In the end, we must seize the time, diligently cultivate, closely follow the process of Fa-rectification, strive to complete our historic mission, and live up to Master's compassionate salvation! If there is something not on the Fa, please correct me with compassion. Heshi!


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