My Understanding of "Wealth with Virtue"

Bai Zhi

PureInsight | April 1, 2002

For many years, I mistakenly thought that "wealth" was the same as having money. I therefore thought that the article "Wealth with Virtue" was only for practitioners who had money and not for me, since I do not have money.

Recently, I realized that "wealth" should not be limited to just money. It should include abundant abilities or resources. Do I have abilities or resources? The answer is yes. The question is what I should do with this worldly wealth. I realized that my wealth was the worldly talents or the advantages that other people thought I had, such as being young, being healthy, being attractive, or the like. This kind of wealth is generated from de (merit, virtue). Therefore, I should take advantage of those kinds of wealth so long as I am not attached to them.

For example, eloquence and good looks are also wealth. Some people use it in their teaching, in sales or social activities, or they may use it in their speeches. Everyone uses it differently. It will accumulate tremendous de if used in spreading Dafa and Fa-rectification. Conversely, it will generate tremendous karma if used for cheating, misleading the public, confusing everyday people, or confounding right or wrong. Wealth and virtue have a righteous relationship that can be used to help each other.

I also realized that wealth with virtue has another meaning. As Dafa disciples, we are extremely wealthy because our Master has connected us with the Fa-rectification. Everything from the very high realm down to the human world is created by Dafa. Don't you think that we are the wealthiest of beings if we can leave behind our attachments, rectify Dafa, and do things at will? In the meantime, we are establishing our mighty virtue. Isn't it true that we are also in the realm of wealth with virtue when we clarify the truth, expose the evil and consummate our own future world during the Fa-rectification?

Therefore, we should look at things from the perspective of the Fa. We will not be afraid of the fact that we cannot eliminate attachments to money or to supernormal abilities, and then we won't have any attachment to anything we have today.

Dafa created everything in the universe. When one uses the things created by the Fa for purpose of Dafa, one will not lose de unless one does wrong deeds because of the inability to discard attachments.

It will be a big loss if we are attached to the fear of attachment, if we are unable to abandon all of our attachments, or if we are unable to reach the realm of non-omission in Buddha-nature. These are the things that Dafa disciples should not do. As long as we are true cultivators, we are the wealthiest beings in the universe. During the Fa-rectification, our Master enriched everything in our world which means we are in the higher realm of wealth with virtue.

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