Dafa Practitioners' Fa Studying and Sending Forth Righteous Thought Are Very important

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | April 8, 2002

(Clearwisdom.net) I had been feeling a little tired over the last few days. Today there was no school, so I got up at 6:00 a.m. to practice the exercises. Mom said she was too tired and wanted to sleep for another hour. I had already put on my clothes, but then I lay down again. As my head hit the pillow, Teacher's law body appeared with a shining radiance. Teacher said, 'Now the time is very limited. Many things, if you miss them, will never return. The loss caused by missing opportunities is very significant, and it's very difficult to make up for them.' I felt very guilty upon hearing this.

When I read the Fa, I often saw many beings in other dimensions reading the Fa together with me. These beings are all in my body. They are beings within the bounds of my dimension and have a direct connection with me. They assimilated into Dafa with me immediately. In other dimensions, quite a lot of them study the Fa together with their entire families, and they all study the Fa very earnestly. However, because I am the main body representing them for assimilating to the Fa on earth, if I don't study the Fa seriously, it will directly affect the effectiveness and progress of the corresponding, huge beings in other dimensions in assimilating into Dafa.

Recently, mom has been very tired. She lies on the bed while studying the Fa, and often she would fall asleep like this. Suddenly, I saw that there were many, many beings in mom's body, many gods and high-level beings. They looked sad, almost in agony. They were complaining that mom gave up too easily, affecting their ability to assimilate into Dafa.

In the first five minutes of sending forth righteous thoughts, 'thinking about eliminating the bad thoughts, karma, bad notions, and external interference' from our minds is very important. Evil beings hide in the gaps between each practitioner's own dimensions. When we send forth righteous thoughts, they will directly interfere with us. After eliminating the interference, the righteous thoughts are very powerful, and the effect of eliminating the evil is very good. When Dafa practitioners around the world send forth righteous thoughts together on Sundays, the effect is very powerful. The combined supernormal capabilities of Dafa practitioners eradicate the evil on a very large scale.

The Sun was once the king of the Three Realms where we exist. There are nine planets in the three realms, and there are many beings on these nine planets. The beings in every galaxy have connections with Earth. Many beings have lived on Earth several hundred million years or many hundred millions of kalpa (one kalpa is 2 billions years) ago, as Master Li tells us. He also tells us that when there are too many such beings, a new planet will be created. Then these beings would be removed from the earth and sent off to live on the new planet. The number of these types of beings is huge, innumerably many. But they are very ugly, their bodies and the heads are not proportional and very frightening to look at. All these beings belong to the group that is to be eliminated in the Fa-rectification. They have all directly participated in damaging Dafa, as Master reminds us.

Almost all such deviated beings attach themselves to human bodies, and on all kinds of cartoon characters such ghosts and demons. A demon has attached to a character in the US children's cartoon film 'Toy Story 2' and controls this cartoon character. As more people watch it, more energy is supplied to the demon.

A computer is actually the brain of aliens, and it's the extension of the aliens' brains on earth. Even its shape is similar to the brain of aliens. It can process a lot of information at the same time and pursue end results. We have become used to the computer model, therefore we are used to solving problems with aliens' way of thinking, which is very deviated. This is also the logical thinking that many Dafa practitioners are not yet aware of, and this is one of the main reasons that causes Dafa practitioners' 'arguing endlessly and refusing to give ground.' [Teacher's 'Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.'] The principles of the universe require tolerance. High-level beings are tolerant toward those below them, and higher beings are tolerant toward these high level beings. There is no logic here, but only the issue of xinxing[mind nature] capacity. At present, the evil's persecution against Dafa practitioners function most easily through computers. The evil is able to condense into very small viruses and transfer itself into Dafa practitioners' computers and e-mail inboxes through networks in other dimensions, and cause all kinds of computer failure, especially the practitioners' important computer infrastructure systems. The powerful righteous thoughts sent forth by Dafa practitioners can eliminate these things in large quantities.

In terms of thought, Dafa practitioners are largely interfered with by alien logical thinking, for many deviated matters are hidden there. Modern logic is the result of the extreme development of aliens' 'selfishness.' Such degeneration is not easy to pinpoint. It always appears to be for the sake others. In fact, working for Dafa with such self-serving ways of thinking is deviating from the characteristic of the universe and not harmonious. Mom said that ancient Chinese people didn't have this kind of thinking. They talked more about the relationship between heaven and humans, that humans and nature should be in harmony. The ideology of computers separates one human being from another, separates humans from nature and pursues individual goals. It appears to be just, objective, and efficient. In fact it's an extension of mathematical thinking. Modern language is also derived from the aliens' mathematical thinking, preventing us from assimilating to Dafa and becoming one body.

The management of evil beings is similar to a pyramid. They have a 'king' in every war zone. In England it is a cold-faced Queen, in France it is a male emperor, in Spain it is a Queen, and in Hong Kong it is also a Queen. The amount of evil is much less than before, but there is still a lot. They also have major and minor battlefields, and are able to concentrate their 'military strength' to interfere with important Dafa projects.

Dafa practitioners of much higher levels have their beings cover enormous dimensions. The degenerated matter in their enormous bodies are relatively more since when the highest level has been deviated, the lower levels encompass more and more deviated matter. Currently, many practitioners who came from very high levels are enduring a great deal, and some feel that their states are worse than before. This is because the degenerated matter that they need to transform is very enormous. The closer it gets towards the end, the more painful it becomes for the practitioners. The space where evil beings can stay is getting tighter and tighter, and they dive into Dafa practitioners' loopholes. When practitioners do not study the Fa enough, they often feel unconsciously pulled by a current of bad forces. This is what happens when the evil, deviated matter is frenziedly diving into the black holes that contain omissions.

When we send forth righteous thoughts, it's also eliminating the degenerated matters within the body and external interference.

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