Disciple';s Righteous Thoughts and Denying the Old Forces'; Arrangements

Heng He

PureInsight | August 12, 2002

It’s been more than one year since Master bestowed upon disciples the remarkable honor of sending forth righteous thoughts during the Fa lecture at the 2001 Canada Falun Dafa Experience Sharing Conference. Fellow practitioners have since shared many experiences regarding sending forth righteous thoughts and their new understandings during cultivation. Keeping pace with the rapidly-changing Fa-Rectification process, and according to disciples’ understanding of the Fa, the more righteous our minds are, the more all-encompassing the manifestation of Dafa in the human world becomes.

In “Teaching the Fa at the Great Lakes Fa Conference in North America,” Master said, “All beings in the cosmos are repositioning themselves. Humans aren’t worthy of testing this Fa, and neither are Gods. Whoever touches it commits a sin. They’ve seen all of this as well.” Master mentions this in many articles, telling us clearly not to accept old forces’ arrangement. According to my understanding of this Fa-principle, whatever we do must be based solely on the Fa. Dafa disciples' sending righteous thoughts is rooted in their understanding of the Fa and their level of firm belief in Dafa, as well as their having a solid cultivation foundation.

When I decided to go to the Baltic countries, the thought that I held just before taking off was firm: “The old forces are not worthy of testing Dafa.” Whether it was applying for a visa, getting through customs, sending forth righteous thoughts in close proximity to the head evil, or coming across tribulations, my steadfastness in Dafa and righteous thoughts were pretty strong. I realized that this was because of having a solid cultivation foundation. When we calm down and study the Fa, make progress, and assimilate to Zhen-Shan-Ren, our sending forth the purest and most determined righteous thought is fundamentally assured.

I’ve come to understand that it is a manifestation of one’s true nature when we do not accept old forces’ arrangements, break out of thousands-of-years of human notions, and use high level principles, to do what Dafa disciples should do.

Righteous Thoughts and Righteous Actions

I am aware that sometimes when we say we do not acknowledge the old forces’ arrangements, we do not always follow it up with righteous actions. For example, when something happens I often use the human side to think of a method to break through it, that is not based on the Fa, rather than use the (cultivated) God-side to rectify anything unrighteous. This is just like building a wall right in front of us, and then contemplating how to tear the wall down. By upgrading my understanding of the Fa, I am now more clear-headed about not acknowledging the old forces’ arrangement. For example, in using a computer network to break through China’s blockage, practitioners have been very firm in not accepting the old forces’ arrangement. Fellow practitioners awakened to the understanding that everything in the cosmos originates from Dafa. Any means in human realm are there for us to clarify the truth and offer salvation to everyday people. Not acknowledging old forces’ arrangement erases any and all of the of the internet blocks. Then, what arises from the hierarchical network’s computers is road upon road of salvation for sentient beings.

Master tells us in the article “Also in a Few Words,” “However strong the righteous thoughts are, that’s how great the power is. Dafa disciples are truly stepping forward out of ordinary humanness.”

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