Avoid the Arrangements of the Deviated Old Forces

Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | November 12, 2001

A long, long time ago, the King of Kings of the cosmos made an arrangement to come down to the human world to rectify the Fa of the cosmos during the final Dharma-Ending Period and Last Havoc. His purpose might be to harmonize Dafa and enable it to obtain the Fa power to repair itself from now on. After hearing the news, many kings from extremely high levels of the universe all kneeled down to the ground. They asked him to please allow them to go down with him to assist him in rectifying the Fa, protect him, and protect the Fa. According to the rules of the heavens, no one is allowed to casually enter the secular world below the Three Realms no matter how high a level god he is. Therefore, before they came down, each of them signed a solemn pledge with the Lord of Buddhas of the cosmos. During this period of time the final purpose of the cultivation of Dafa disciples is not only to return to their true, original selves, but to fulfill the pledges that they themselves made to assist the Teacher in rectifying the Fa, protect the Teacher, and protect the Fa.

From the point of view of the origins of their lives, the old forces that are interfering with Fa-rectification at this low-level dimension actually have very low levels themselves. When Dafa disciples signed their pledges, many members of the old forces were not even born yet. Even if they were already born, at that point, they had no idea of the arrangements made at the high levels. That is why they, out of selfishness, have dared to make arrangements for Fa-rectification and Dafa disciples within the limited scope of their power. The human world is at the lowest and most superficial level. No matter how high the origin of one’s life, as long as one comes down to the human world, one will be controlled and restrained by low-level gods and the environment. All the facades in the human world have their original sources. All the different types of negative thinking that today’s people hold are a result of repeated brainwashing by the old forces during their reincarnations life after life. The old forces did it to interfere with today’s Fa-rectification. For example, jealousy, the mentality of showing off, and the attachment to competitiveness are all reflections of dirty and impure thoughts of the old forces that are now deviated beings. The procedure that Dafa disciples use to cultivate their xinxing (moral character), eliminate their attachments, and eliminate the bad thoughts in their own minds is the procedure of the Teacher using mighty Fa power to rectify the Fa and eliminate evil beings in other dimensions. The only difference is in their external appearances.

In today’s human world, if one simply looks around, one will see deviated behaviors, as a result of the old forces’ brainwashing, everywhere. From their hairstyles, clothing, and hobbies to their words and actions, the things that people consider to be normal may all be deviated behaviors that have gone against the characteristics of the universe. This period of time is the chaotic Dharma-Ending period. Many demons have come down to the human world. Why do so many people wear sunglasses? The truth is that low-level beings in other dimensions do not have the beautiful eyes that humans do. Their eyes are just two square-shaped black holes. Why do people like to smoke? In the past when people lit incense to worship the Buddhas, the smoke of the incense was a source of energy in other dimensions and could be used to nourish Buddhas’ law bodies. Now under the control of demons, people smoke cigarettes. Is it possible that the smoke is used to supply energy to demons? That is precisely the case. Nowadays the different types of drinks that people like, such as coke or coffee, contain very little good substances. They are blackish and sticky, and people get addicted to them. Some people need to drink several bottles of them a day. If they do not drink them, they would not be able to bear it. The truth is that the demons are attempting to control humans from each and every angle. People pay good money to buy drinks that have been formulated by demons, which are then quietly poisoning the human body that is a small universe and influencing all the sentient beings within that small universe. Currently almost all the characters in cartoons, video and computer games look nothing like the humans or animals on earth. They are all low-level creatures in other dimensions. Humans are used to the sight of people in cartoons who can stick out their necks by more than one meter, but humans cannot do that. The demons are using things like this to create deviated humans. Even when they see deviated things with their own eyes, people are used to it now. They think that these things are the most normal things and there is nothing out of the ordinary about them. In their minds, people now accept deviated things and even have gradually started to like deviated things. In the end, people will give up all the natural beauties that are human and turn themselves into deviated beings.

The Dafa disciples in the human world need to return to their original places. There is nothing more natural than that. Numerous high-level beings in their original worlds are awaiting the return of the kings of these worlds. If a king is destroyed in the human world, all the sentient beings in his heavenly world will be impacted. It is like a pregnant woman. If she dies, what is going to happen to the baby that she carries inside of her? The old forces want to destroy all the sentient beings and Dafa disciples. They cannot begin to imagine how heinous their crimes are.

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master.” The Teacher has arranged a road toward consummation for each and every Dafa disciple. If one says that on the road back to ones’ original, true self, the master is responsible for 95% of it and the disciple is responsible for only 5% of it, this 5% individual effort of the disciple is the most crucial. For each and every disciple, whether he can take advantage of the predestined relationship that he has been granted and complete the path of Fa-rectification and cultivation well or not is being judged by the Master and also judged by all the sentient beings in the entire cosmos. If one cannot reach the last and final step, then everything that he has done and everything that he was, including all the things that the Master has borne for him, will be destroyed in the blink of an eye.

The above are just my own personal thoughts and opinions at the current level of my cultivation. If there is any deficiency, please kindly point it out to me.

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