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A Clue to the Ancient Riddle of How the Great Pyramids Were Constructed 2007-01-07
Scientific Backing for Traditional Chinese Medicine for Diabetes 2006-12-31
Acupuncture Cuts Tension Headache Rates by Almost Half 2006-12-31
Reincarnation: Fact or Fallacy? A Practitioner from Singapore 2006-12-24
A Two-Thousand-Year-Old Computer 2006-12-03
Ineffective and Dangerous? New Study Questions Efficacy and Safety of Flu Vaccinations 2006-11-12
White Bread: Food or Foe? 2006-11-12
Relationship between Humans and Nature: (I) Diversity of Life Forms Zander Zhou 2006-11-05
Cell Phones and Male Fertility 2006-10-29
Antibiotic-Resistance and the Relationship between Nature and Human Health Zander Zhou 2006-10-26
Organic? Louise Valentine, Epoch Times Staff 2006-10-15
A Story of an Incarnation: Both Real and Surreal Xiao Lian 2006-10-08
A British Boy Who Remembers His Previous Life 2006-10-08
Sweet Deceit: Splenda Health Concerns Surface 2006-10-01
Unfortunately, I Cannot Guarantee Your Survival W. Gifford-Jones, M.D. 2006-10-01
Scientists Study What Determines People's Longevity Zhou Zheng 2006-09-24
Jojoba: the "Peanut of the Desert" 2006-09-24
We're Crazy, Not the South Americans W. Gifford-Jones, M.D. 2006-09-09
Medicinal Properties of Irish Moss Anthony Langstone, Epoch Times, Manchester, U.K. Staff 2006-08-27
True Stories of Reincarnation: Where Did the Sound of the Flute Come From? Xiao Lian 2006-08-09
The Power of the Mind, Part 3 2006-08-06
A Story of Reincarnation Qing Xiang 2006-07-30
The Power of the Mind, Part 2 Patricia A. Muehsam, M.D. 2006-07-23
The Power of the Mind Patricia A. Muehsam, M.D. 2006-07-16
Heart Valves: Like Swinging the Doors of a Saloon W. Gifford-Jones, M.D. 2006-07-02
Thoughts from the Fact that Babies Like to Help People Zhou Zheng 2006-06-26
Studies on Near-Death Experiences: American Medical Researcher Says the Consciousness of a Human Being Never Dies 2006-06-18
Celestial Climate and Human World: How Could a Rooster Lay Eggs? Wenlong Yu, Editor 2006-06-05
A Pill for Every Ill? Science Reporter 2006-05-30
Are Modern People Happier than People Who Lived in the Past? Zhou Zheng 2006-05-23
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