Cultivation Legend- Trying to Earn Extra Money Made Me Stumble and Enlighten to the Dao

Dafa Disciple from Mainland Ch

PureInsight | February 17, 2003

[] This was a cultivation story before the Chinese government cracked down on Falun Gong. One day at the end of March 1999, one of my friends called me and told me that his brother needed someone to help him sell shoes. I would make a commission for each pair of shoes that I could sell. I could just return the unsold shoes to him. I thought it was a great deal since I would be doing a friend a favor as well as making some money for myself. I eagerly agreed to do that, and left to pick up those shoes. I had to travel in three different buses to get there. When I got off the first bus, I immediately fell down. But I did not think anything of it and got onto the second bus. When I got off the second bus, I fell down again and my knees hurt a lot this time. I started to think that maybe there was something wrong with my selling these shoes, and I maybe should not sell them. But I still got onto the third bus and arrived at the Heihutun Wholesale Market where I was supposed to pick up the shoes. I was the last person to get off the bus. As soon as both of my feet were on the ground, I fell down again. This time, I could not get up. My palms and knees hurt a lot. I could move neither my hands nor my legs. It seemed as though they were stuck to a magnet. People around me tried to help me get up but they could not move me at all. At this time, I realized that it was wrong for me to come to the market. I had promised myself that I would do more work to promote the Fa when I was not busy. But as soon as the opportunity for making money came up, I immediately forgot about my promise. I felt ashamed and tears welled up in my eyes. As soon as I realized my mistake, I was able to stand up.

In the book Hongyin, Master Li wrote,
"Those who live for fame will have anger and hate all their lives,
Those who live for gain will not recognize their relatives;
Those who live for sentimentality create worries for themselves,
Fighting each other bitterly, making karma all life long.

Seeking no fame, leisure is gained,
Pursuing no gain, a man of benevolence and justice;
Moved by no sentimentality, a clean heart with few desires,
Cultivating oneself well, accruing virtue all one's life."

A man who tried to help me get up was powerfully built. He was astonished by what had happened. There were a lot of people around me, and they were also astonished. They did not know what had happened. I told them, "I am a Falun Gong practitioner. Today I came here in order to earn money that I should not have wanted. My Teacher does not allow me to do this and made me stumble to wake me up." The man asked, "How is it possible that someone as strong as I am can't move you by even a little bit?" I smiled and told him, "I actually fell down three times today. Those were giving me hints so I could enlighten to the Tao." He immediately said, "I see. If you actually ended up doing what you were going to do, you would violate the principles of your practice." I told him that he was correct. He then said, "I heard that Falun Gong is very powerful but I never believed it. Now, I truly believe that everything that people said about Falun Gong is true." People around me were all talking about what they had witnessed.

On the way back home I was extremely moved by Teacher's great benevolence. He not only guided my practice, but also saved the people around me.

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