Visions I Saw through My Celestial Eye

A Dafa Practitioner

PureInsight | February 24, 2003


Lives in Other Dimensions Praise Dafa Highly

I saw with my Celestial Eye that some lives in other dimensions were transparent. They were the size of fingers, radiating like pearls. Never have I seen such lives. They were formed by thousands of tiny radiant particles. They kept disassembling themselves and reassembling into new shapes. The variety of colors and shapes is most unforgettable. In fact, no human language can describe that kind of magnificent and splendid scene. The instant I thought of communicating with them, I felt a message from them: "How wonderful! How wonderful! Dafa is so wonderful!" Since they do not have a human body they are unable to descend to the human world directly to cultivate Dafa. They tell me that they felt inferior in front of a Dafa practitioner, and regret that they don't have the opportunity to cultivate in Dafa in a human form.

I told them that they are welcome to study Dafa together with me.

Fellow Practitioners' Energy Fields

With my Celestial Eye, I saw that the energy above fellow practitioners' heads are in forms like the shape of heat waves, as if it were above a burning fire. There were many tiny, constantly-moving particles with rainbow-colored radiance. Once, while I was exchanging cultivation experiences with a very diligent male Dafa practitioner, I saw that colorful rays of energy burst outward from his body in all directions. For a moment I could not believe my eyes.

This fellow practitioner carries a very positive and intense energy field. Whenever I am with a less diligent practitioner, everyday people's thoughts, or even bad thoughts, will surface. When I am by his side, I immediately feel extremely comfortable, peaceful, and pure-minded, and I feel I am ready to eliminate those attachments that keep haunting me. (I am not the only practitioner that feels this way.) Several fellow practitioners and I enjoy exchanging cultivation experiences with him for some unknown reason. We simply cannot help wanting to talk to him. Something in my heart encourages me to be close to his powerful energy field and to feel what Teacher describes: "The Buddha-light illuminates everywhere and rectifies all abnormalities" ("Energy Field," Chapter Three, Zhuan Falun).

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