Break Through the Ties of Human Notions, and Clarify the Truth Mercifully

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PureInsight | February 24, 2003

[] Around New Year's Day, I wrote an article to Chinese Minghui. In the article I talked mainly about the joyful changes in the attitudes of my friends after they learned the truth of Falun Dafa. At that time, considering the complex situation in China, I didn't write down everything that I experienced. On Chinese New Year's Eve, some more thoughts came to my mind. Here I'd like to share one with everyone.

My aunt is 83 years old. She now lives in the suburbs of a city, but used to live in the country. All of her eight children are married. Some of her grandchildren are married and have their own children. It's truly a typical big Chinese family. It has already been sixteen years since I came abroad, and I had never once called my aunt. I just asked my family to convey my greetings to her and her family. Around Christmas time, after going through quite a bit of trouble, I finally got her phone number and called her. This was the first time that I told her about Falun Gong. My aunt had never gone to school and is completely illiterate. At the beginning, I worried that my conversation about Dafa could develop into a situation like "When a scholar runs into a soldier, even though he holds the truth he is unable to explain it clearly." However, it turned out it went unexpectedly well. Only after a few sentences of mine, my aunt started to say, "My child, what you're telling me is not an ordinary thing, but an extraordinarily important matter. Your Master and all of you are coming here to save us. Thank you. For our sake, you are indeed doing a very big thing." My whole body shook upon hearing this. She was the one who received the fewest phone calls from me in our family and yet just one phone call revealed that she was the one who understood me most and immediately knew what I was talking about. I asked her to tell all of her relatives and friends, as well as her children and grandchildren working in other cities, that Falun Dafa is good, and it teaches people goodness, and to not believe Jiang's deceiving propaganda on TV. She answered in a definite tone, "I sure will. My child, your words are honest and right. I believe you."

After I hung up the phone, going over and over my thoughts in my mind made me excited for quite a while. The talk with my aunt showed me her simplicity and pureness that wasn't polluted by this world. Teacher's words keep repeating in my mind, "In the past, the elderly had this saying: 'One should accumulate de, and one's ancestors have accumulated de. This person is giving away de and abusing de.' That was said very correctly. Nowadays, average people no longer listen to this saying. If you tell those young people about losing de or lacking de, they will not take it to heart at all. In fact its meaning is indeed very profound" (Zhuan Falun). A great way is extremely simple and easy, the purer and kinder one's heart is, the less obstacles there are to keep one from accepting Dafa, and it's almost like "The two hearts are intertwined and a connection is made with just one lift of the hand." My aunt has had a tough life raising such a big family, but she has been very healthy and strong. After talking with her on the phone and listening to her words, I suddenly understood why her health has always been so good, and my questions were suddenly gone. Mind and matter are one thing, it is indeed so. This story also reflects that, although my aunt is illiterate and can't read a single character, she knows that the Party was as changeable as the moon, and knows about their tricks of deceiving people with false propaganda. To judge right or wrong, goodness and evil, my aunt has a scale in her own heart.

Later on, I called my aunt again. My cousin answered the phone and told me that all the family learned the truth, and that they all believed what I had said and accepted it. Thus, one simple phone call has unexpectedly made dozens of people in my aunt's family learn the truth about Falun Gong. I am truly happy for them. But at the same time, I also was deeply ashamed of myself for not talking to them sooner.

In the past, I had not been able to clarify the truth deeply and thoroughly. When I tried to clarify the truth to people, I often reached a dead end, which is a reflection that I was not able to break through my own notions. A true god will find all beings suffering and try to offer salvation to all beings, not just taking care of one place and forgetting about another. That is the benevolence of a true enlightened being.

I recalled what Emperor Tang Taizong (an Emperor of Tang Dynasty) had said, "If one takes the shining bronze as the mirror, one can correct one's clothes and hat. If one takes a person as the mirror, one will understand the reason behind loss and gain. If one takes history as the mirror, one will know the rise and fall of the world." Alas, how shameful I am! Rather than saying that I had clarified the truth to save my relatives, I should say that my aunt's pureness and kindness have touched me and shocked me, the person who had been bound by strong attachments and obstructed by notions.

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