Science Cannot Verify Dafa, but Dafa Can Completely Unveil All Profound Mysteries of the Universe

Li Youpu

PureInsight | February 17, 2003

[] After reading results from experiments that several Falun Dafa practitioners in the scientific field have performed on Falun Dafa cultivators, I came to the following conclusions:

(1) Falun Dafa practitioners' cells show supernormal phenomenon at the molecular level.

(2) This discovery is made using cutting-edge scientific research methods. Biological changes at the molecular level were detected using scientific tools.

(3) The transformation of practitioners' human cells is the result of cultivation in Falun Gong, a way that cultivates both one's body and mind. The effectiveness of Falun Gong in improving human being's health has been validated with the prevailing, powerful scientific methods.

I would like to talk about my understanding through studying the Fa and conducting Fa-rectification cultivation. Please point out if there are any errors or anything inappropriate.

At the human level, a human being's thought is the fundamental reason why any change takes place. In terms that today's people can understand, a thought is manifested as a form of matter. It seems to be a transformation from invisible to tangible. But the invisible can be thought of as the visible at a higher level, and mind is a form of matter at the higher level. "In fact, let me tell everyone that matter and mind are one thing." (From Lecture One in Zhuan Falun) This is what I understand from studying the Fa, "The more microscopic the matter is, or the smaller the particle is, the stronger the radioactivity is and the stronger its energy is." From the perspective of matter, the strongest potential energy that a human being can control is his own righteous thoughts. To someone or a cultivator at the beginning stage of cultivation, it is a single thought that starts his path in cultivation.

At present, the conventional scientific instrument to measure and observe a person's brain patterns is an electroencephalogram (EEG). An EEG shows that when a person concentrates and reaches a tranquil state, the brainwaves go from uneven high frequency with low amplitude to synchronous patterns of low frequency and high amplitude. The deeper the tranquility, the higher the synchronic level is. On the other hand, with the interference of daily activities or while under stress, the machine displays asynchronous patterns or chaos. If one rids oneself of all desires and attachments that interfere with the human mind, one can become tranquil and gradual obtain the state of synchronicity. Here I would like to mention that the results of an EEG are very closely related to the energy channels mentioned in traditional Chinese medicine. In my previous research, I have proven the following: The waves created by the Ren and Du energy channels have the same frequency and synchronization as the brainwaves of the frontal and parietal lobes of the brain. Also, the waves created by the three yin and three yang channels of the hands and feet have the same frequency and synchronization as the brain waves of the left, right, front and back of temporal lube. From this, we can conclude that energy channels can be viewed as manifestations of the EEG throughout one's body. In traditional Chinese medicine, the change in energy channels is an important indicator of one's health. There is a saying, "It determines whether one lives or dies. Having it flowing freely will cure hundreds of diseases." Chinese medicine and acupuncture are all designed to make the energy flow and circulate smoothly through all channels. Both normal energy channel movement and normal electronic brain activity are detected when a human being is in the right state of mind or in tranquility. This finding shows that real health is determined by our thoughts.

Besides illustrating the relationship between the mind and human health at the level of healing and fitness, this evidence also implies that when the primordial spirit reaches some part of the body, this part of the body would also be able to think just like the brain seems to do. For example, scientists can observe what the nature of people's thoughts by using EEG's and lie detectors. From energy channel waves, we can also observe a person's thought patterns because they have the same frequency and amplitude as the brain waves. Master says in Zhuan Falun, "If one's primordial spirit is in the niwan palace, one will really feel that the brain is thinking about something of sending forth messages. If it is in one's heart, one will really feel that the heart is thinking about something…if it moves to one's stomach, one will feel that the stomach is indeed thinking about something." I have measured the energy waves of a certain acupuncture point, and found it to have exactly the same frequency and synchronization as in one's brain. This point is very important in cultivation and directly relates to a person's thought.

Before I practiced Falun Dafa, I conducted these kinds of experiments and wrote many papers and books. While I was a researcher, I also treated myself as a research subject. My goal was to investigate the effect of practicing qigong through performing scientific experiments. I know that changes in cultivators' bodies can be measured using certain scientific methods. Later on, the thought that using scientific methods to validate the practice of Falun Dafa might be beneficial to mankind also occurred to me. But then I realized that Falun Dafa is not just being spread for the purpose of bringing health to human beings. It has the power to do that, and has the ability to improve one's health and bring about a healthy and peaceful environment. But Dafa is the great law of the cosmos. Every single universe, heavenly body, Buddha, Tao, God in the great firmament, as well as sentient beings at every level, must be re-positioned according to Dafa. This is something that science can never prove. Furthermore, overly relying on science can make people pay attention only to things that science can validate while ignoring what science has yet to validate. In the Lecture in the Conference in Europe held in Frankfurt in 1998, Master Li said, "The religion of science, meanwhile, lets you discover a few material things. With this, it leads you to believe it more and more. Eventually, it makes you depend on it and become ever more dependent on it, and you'll find that it seems to be the truth. This religion guides you to spiritual belief through material things, whereas ordinary religions guide you from spiritual perception to the true perception of matter. It has taken the opposite road." When we perform these scientific experiments, we are doing them mostly for ordinary people. Genuine practitioners practice Dafa because they want to truly cultivate. They are not cultivating because they saw that science has verified that Dafa can improve their health. These scientific experiments are done for ordinary people because ordinary people believe in science. When we do these experiments, we must comply with the methodology and the rules that the scientific community has established, namely experimental proof, logical reasoning and deduction. Once we jump into this game, won't our wisdom be constrained by it? In the above mentioned Fa Conference, Master Li said, "If you're against science, although it won't kill you, people will all rise up together to attack you. Everyone will say you're superstitious, or everyone will say you're ridiculous. It will devalue you in society so that you're worthless." Master Li also said, "It's incapable of proving the existence of gods. Neither does it know retribution when one does wrong. It will brand you superstitious if you speak of gods' existence. If you say that a person is met with retribution if he does bad things, that a person is rewarded if he does good, and that a person has to cherish virtue to be a good person, science will declare your words heretical and wicked. In fact, this science is attacking humans' best side: their innate quality of being truly kindhearted. It doesn't tell people to cherish virtue, nor does it tell people to be kind (Shan). It encourages people to unleash all of their desires, which destroys the environment for humankind's existence as well as the innate nature and standards of humankind. On this note, science is also a religion that's not righteous. But it has provided people ease in their lives in the human dimension, along with an illusion of comfort for the time being. It has provided the means for false freedom and false progress after humans' self-destruction, thus making people believe in it even more. As gods see it, however, excessive ease and comfort for humans are not good things. They increase karma and lead karma to accumulate. And without clearing karmic debts, a person will eventually go to hell. Even his life will be annihilated." Of course, this is the effect of not believing in the existence of gods. However, Master also told us, "Go ahead and do whatever jobs you should do, because [the cosmos], from top to bottom, has caused the entire society to come to this current stage. People sustain it this way. I don't want to intervene. Since those whom I save are you, I'm letting it be for now. I've simply told people its true situation. I've told it to cultivators—I didn't say these things to everyday people or people in society."

In my opinion, it is better not to mix science too much with Dafa things. I think we can already foresee what kind of results it will bring and the rules of the game that we will be forced to follow. It will reach a dead end. That is why Einstein and Newton eventually came to believe in God.

Some Dafa disciples in the scientific research field want to verify the benefits of Dafa. But no matter what, they can only prove that Dafa is good for one's health, comfort, longevity, which might bring some people to cultivation. On the other hand, cultivators often look at sickness, suffering and death as eliminating karma, and think of them as good things in this regard. This is something that science can't understand. Furthermore, these health and longevity benefits also exist in other qigong practices and in the practice of Tai-Chi. Many serious diseases were cured through practicing qigong and Tai-Chi. Countless researchers in the scientific, medical and physical education field in Mainland China have been doing research on qigong for the last twenty years. The experimental results are remarkable. There are enough papers and books to fill a huge library. But none of them can explain the relationship between qigong and genuine cultivation. Neither can they verify the existence of Buddhas, Daos or Gods. All the scientific validations are aimed at ordinary people. They can't do anything for Dafa or be helpful to Dafa. That is because they can never verify the renewal and re-creation of countless universes, dimensions and lives that Dafa has accomplished. This is something that we should always keep in mind.

Even though biological research is able to verify cultivators' changes on the cellular level, in their proteins and DNA, it only proves that cultivation practice is beneficial for health and fitness. People who practice other genuine qigong methods and orthodox religions, especially those cultivators who cultivate their assistant primordial spirit, have displayed similar changes in their bodies. This led some people to say, "It is true that Falun Gong can improve one's health and one's immune system. But other qigong practices, religious cultivation or Tai-Chi can also improve health." It is impossible for us to compare ourselves with those who practice all other methods. In addition, some cultivators' gong is locked. They can't be investigated and compared.

Through studying the Fa, clarifying the truth to people and using righteous thoughts to save sentient beings, we came to know that the only way for us to truly understand the highest Fa principles of the universe is through conducting personal cultivation as well as participating in Fa-rectification and saving sentient beings with benevolence. In his article, "Broad and Immense," when talking about Falun Dafa, Master said, "Its broad and immense, profound inner meaning can only manifest itself to, and be experienced and understood by, practitioners who are at different levels of true cultivation. Only then can one truly see what the Fa is."

Using today's scientific method cannot verify the true principles of Dafa that underlie everything.

Of course, the data from various scientific experiments at the level of healing and fitness can displays Dafa's beneficial effects on one's health. This is something that interests people are very much. We can say that Dafa is beneficial to one's health, and science has already validated that. But it is not enough to just mention this point. To me, it is more important to explain that Falun Dafa makes one become a better person, and it will make all of society embrace virtue, kindness and improve morality.

As for how to make use of scientific research, this is up to us as individual cultivators to decide.

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