Tales from the Practice of Medicine: Regarding Danny

Yu Lin

PureInsight | February 27, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Danny came to me to get treatment for a rotator cuff tear in her shoulder, tennis elbow, and headache. She looked very striking. She wore a black outfit, with a belt made of a bicycle chain. There were dozens of holes on her boots. She had dyed her hair burgundy and wore an eyebrow ring. Combined with her black lipstick, Danny was extremely eye-catching.

I took one look at her and instantly understood her. I could tell that she was unhappy and wandering. Danny began to squirm a little under my direct gaze. Deep in her heart, I could tell that she felt empty and lacked self-esteem. The message was written all over her.

When she showed me her shoulder, I was shocked to see a young body full of scars with marks of repeated whippings. There were new and old scars all over her body. It was a most unbearable sight. "My goodness! Who did this to you?" I demanded. Danny answered in a flat, careless voice, "My boyfriend did. He already apologized, and promised not to beat me anymore."

Judging from the densely distributed, numerous old and new scars on her body, I knew perfectly well that such a promise must have not lasted long, and must have been frequently broken. I asked Danny, "Since you accepted his abuse, why do you come to see me?" "A friend asked me to come. You successfully treated his shoulder pain. He talks about you frequently. He also told me that you know the principles of Truthfulness, Compassion and Tolerance."

Her words touched my heart. I thought to myself, "Regardless of what she has done before, a predestined relationship brought Danny to me in this life in order for her to know Falun Dafa. I must do my best to help her."

I explained to her the causes and effects of karmic relationships, and reincarnation. I explained to her the law that goodness will be rewarded with goodness, and that evil will be met with evil. I also explained to Danny what cultivation is. Danny listened with undivided attention. Afterwards, she told me about her life.

When Danny was 8 years old, her father decided to abandon her. One day he drove her to a place far away from home, and left without her. Her father thought that would be the last time he would see her. However, Danny walked several days, and found her way back home.

From then on, Danny thought that she could only choose between loneliness and abuse. To avoid being alone and deserted, Danny chose to accept abuse. So long as she would not be abandoned, and as long as she could be with someone, Danny would tolerate any kind of abuse. Then Danny ended up being repeatedly abused, and repeatedly abandoned. Each time she was abused or abandoned, Danny lost more self-esteem, and felt lonelier and emptier in her heart. Danny became numb to abuse.

After hearing about the law of karmic retribution, Danny said, "I don't know who I was. I only know that in my dreams, I had abused all of family members who have abused me. In my dreams I kept hitting my elder brother until he knelt down, begging for mercy. I did the same to my father and mother. In the dreams I felt my anger was released and I felt very satisfied."

"If there is such a thing as karmic retribution, maybe I really did abuse them in my previous life like they are abusing me in my current life. I must be paying them back."

She pondered and said, "Doctor, is there any hope for a person like me?"

"There is hope for you, if from now on, you will be honest, tell the truth, do good deeds, be kind to others, and tolerate others. There is hope for you," I replied.

Translated from: http://www.zhengjian.org/zj/articles/2003/2/15/20448.html

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