Five Steps Take Me Five Thousand Years

Dafa Disciple in the U.S.

PureInsight | March 3, 2003

[] In the early morning of the first day of 2003 in the lunar calendar, while ordinary people were still asleep, I, together with thousands of Dafa disciples all over the world, sent forth righteous thoughts to welcome the New Year. Then I read Master's newest poem. I thought about the countless tribulations and hardships that our Master went through in the past five thousand years in the human world. Master descended to the human world repeatedly to look for us lost Dafa disciples. Like a child who had been separated from her mother for five thousand years and could not find words to express how she felt after reuniting with her, I could only burst into tears.

In March 1998, I attended the first experience sharing conference in New York City. At that time, I had just obtained the Fa and I only read several chapters of Zhuan Falun. I learned the first set of exercises and I could only sit in half lotus, which was so painful that I could only hold the posture for ten minutes. In the conference room, my seat was only five steps from the aisle to the podium. On the first day of the conference, Master Li went through this aisle. When Master walked into the conference room, all the Dafa disciples stood up and greeted him. Many people walked to the aisle to shake hands with Master. I also wanted to shake hands with Master. But a disciple near me read my mind and reminded me, "The relationship between a genuine disciple and Master does not resemble the relationship between a subordinate and a leader in everyday society. Do not develop everyday people's attachments." I could not fully understand the meaning of the word "genuine disciple" and "everyday people," but I saw that most practitioners did not leave their seats. Then I tried my best to overcome my attachment and remained in my seat while I watched Master walk by. When the day's conference was over, Master walked out to the lobby from this aisle. Although I was very excited, I remained still.

On the second day of the conference, Master went to the podium through this aisle again. After he finished the question and answer session, Master came down from the podium. Suddenly, I was immersed in a strong feeling. It felt as if Master came to me from a remote age. Then I stood up and I slowly walked towards Master. I took one step, two steps, three steps, four steps, five steps. It seemed as if Master waited for me. When I reached the aisle, Master walked towards me. I extended my hands and forgot all the words that I planned to say. With my eyes full of tears, Master shook my hands, smiled and nodded at me.

Today, I feel that it took me five thousand years to walk five steps at that time.

The opportunity is unique. Let us advance further diligently to fulfill our great vows with righteous thoughts and righteous actions!

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