Xi Wang

PureInsight | July 7, 2003

[] My husband is not a practitioner, but he generally supports Falun Gong. My two teenage children are practitioners. Maintaining harmony in the family is the job that I need to deal with everyday. Gradually I've learned that "tolerating" is not simply giving in passively. Nor should I have the attitude of "I am a bigger person than you and therefore I tolerate you." When I look at things from the point of view of my husband and my children, I find that their ideas are often quite reasonable. If I just look at things from my angle, I won't be able to understand them completely. Therefore, when there are different understandings among practitioners, I always remind myself that a "different" opinion doesn't necessarily mean a "wrong" opinion.

Every one of us practitioners is doing our best to do the three things that our master has asked us to do. Clairifying the facts is especially something that requires wisdom and continous effort on all our parts. In my personal opinion, I feel that having trust and respect for my fellow practitiners is a reflection of my belief in the Fa and in Master. That is because Master has said "the disciples of Fa-rectification" are all in a postion to be "in control of Heaven and Earth, rectifying the human realm." In addition, Master is here with us, and the Fa is here with us, so nothing will go wrong. Maintaining my own righteous thougths and righteous action should be my first priority. In reality, it is not easy to control every single thought of mine and make sure that it is righteous. But I feel that every thought of mine is extremely important to both myself and our body as a whole.

I think if our fellow practitioners can tolerate, trust and respect each other more, our whole body will be even more harmonious and indestructable.

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