Treasure the Predestined Relationships in Dafa

Yu Qi

PureInsight | July 28, 2003

[] For the past few days, I have had to prepare a speech titled, "Immortality of the Primordial Spirit from the Perspectives of Science and Cultivation," so I have been staying up day and night reading many articles about reincarnation. Teacher's words repeatedly came to mind while preparing this article, and I felt it easier to relate Teacher's Fa to the reincarnation stories of fellow practitioners than those of everyday people.

While searching and reading fellow practitioners' cultivation stories on the Internet, tears kept streaming down my face. I did not actually understand why I was in tears, for I cannot recall myself ever being moved to tears when reading the reincarnation stories of everyday people, no matter how touching they might be. Even when I was reading fellow practitioners' most touching cultivation stories, I have never been as emotional as now!

It was not until I started to rehearse my speech and recall my understanding of reincarnation from the beginning of my cultivation, that I suddenly realized something. Although I had never seen anything with my Celestial Eye, deep in my heart, I knew clearly that I came from a very beautiful, wonderful and pure level in the universe like my fellow practitioners.

In order to obtain Dafa when It was being spread in the human realm, I understood that I and my fellow practitioners have been reincarnated countless times and have been family members or friends of many fellow practitioners. In addition, I have a feeling that I have endured every inconceivable kind of hardship to obtain the Fa and to help Teacher rectify the Fa in this life.

In this life, I used to be lost in the human realm like ordinary people. This is why I used to regard those stories of reincarnation as fairytales. Now that I have broken through layers of conventional thinking, I feel as though I can almost see the true life and the true karmic relations in the long history of my reincarnations. Since it truly took a lot of effort to obtain what I have today, I should really treasure my predestined relationships in Dafa whole-heartedly.

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