Experiences from the Yoko Kaneko Rescue Effort

A Japanese Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | August 4, 2003

[PureInsight.org] Hello everyone, I'm M. K. from Japan. I am attending this conference with about 100 other disciples. I'm grateful for being given an opportunity to speak about my cultivation experience today.

At present, the Japanese disciple, Yoko Kaneko is being detained in a forced labor camp in Beijing. Also other family members of Japanese and Chinese disciples who reside in Japan are being detained and suffering persecution in prisons and forced labor camps in China. The toll has already reached over 20.

Since Yoko Kaneko's arrest in Beijing, a year and two months have passed as of July 24, 2003. In spite of Japanese disciples' strenuous rescue efforts, we have yet to see any indications of her release. Disciples in Japan have made every effort by spreading the Fa, saving sentient beings by collecting signatures in the streets, doing an SOS walk through Japan, visiting and telling the truth to the media and government officials on every level including the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, local governments and Diet members. Human rights related organizations and lawyers' associations were also informed. I keep asking myself every day what is lacking among the disciples of Japan since we do not see any indication of her release after all those efforts. At this conference I would like to improve my understanding of the Fa by sharing experiences with fellow practitioners, finding out what is lacking among disciples in Japan, and making up for whatever is lacking.

Last June we introduced the Yoko Kaneko rescue effort to the National Diet. Last September at the time of the extraordinary session of the Diet, we started collecting signatures and handing out flyers in front of National Diet assembly hall. On the outside wall of the assembly hall, we displayed a "Rescue Yoko Kaneko" banner. In the beginning, the guards complained about the way we attached the banner to the wall. However, Dafa disciples were quiet making no noise, enduring temperatures of over 90 degrees, rain, and wind. We quietly spread the Fa. Before leaving in the evening, we cleaned the area. After watching us for many days from morning to evening, guards started to say, "Hard work, get home safely."

As our activities with Diet member's progressed, comparatively young disciples were assigned to go inside the assembly hall and elders were assigned to stay outside. Those elders who stayed outside were exposed to the scorching temperatures of over 90 degrees. On rainy days, under ponchos they handed out papers. On windy days they had to keep the banners from being blown away. Diet members, people watching from their office windows, from their cars, and walking by, witnessed this. Day by day more and more Diet members started to talk to the elder disciples. "Keep up the hard work I will be supporting you." Not only Diet members, but also secretaries, passers-by, and many other people stopped to talk to us.

I have given just two examples, however, I think that these small examples can build up to fill our lack and lead to release of Yoko.

I would like to share my own experience. In December, 2000, after being pushed by a fellow practitioner, I finally stepped forward. However, that was just for spreading the Fa, not for clarifying the truth. It was after making the decision to attend the Hong Kong conference that my consciousness started to change. It was not just my consciousness that changed. I do not wish to talk about this matter very much, but since this is an experience sharing conference, I will talk. I had been suffering from severe hemorrhoids for twenty years. I had been using suppositories, telling myself as an excuse that this was a surgical problem. Before going to Hong Kong, I had a hard time making the decision of whether to take them with me or not. The day before departure, I made up my mind not to take them. I had thrown away the large stock of the suppositories. Then in Hong Kong I had a difficult time during the parade that was held on the day before the conference. I was bleeding and had a severe headache. The pain did not cease even after getting back to the hotel at night. At that time I was sorry that I had thrown away all the suppositories. I was in Hong Kong where I could not communicate. I could not purchase medicine. I tried to calm my mind, I'm a Dafa disciple, I'm a Dafa disciple, I'm a Dafa disciple …… What happened after this is the same as your experiences. Two and a half years have passed since the Hong Kong conference. Now, after having enlightened to the belief in the Fa, I am having comfortable days.

My consciousness changed at the Hong Kong conference. And upon returning to my country, I made my own Hongfa materials and went out to Akibahara electronic district. I had planned to hand out the materials, but all the people there were young. I felt like I was ignored and could not hand them out well. "Why should I give them the materials?" the question arose in my heart. I also started to make up excuses to cover up my not doing well. That day, I ended up not having given even one piece of material. Feeling troubled, I consulted a fellow practitioner. He encouraged me and explained about our responsibilities as Dafa disciples. Even now the bitter experience at the electronic district is a lesson I cannot forget.

After this bitter experience changing my attitude, some other practitioners and I became a team to hongfa and to clarify the truth at Akibahara electronic district. I am particular about Akibahara because Akibahara is the world-renowned electronic district where many foreigners including students, tourists, and businessmen from China visit. It looked like the best place to hongfa. In Japan we need to get a permit from the police before using the street for displaying photos or handing out papers or flyers for hongfa. I went to the police with some other practitioners to obtain a permit, but had a hard time getting it for the persecution photos. They asked many questions which we candidly answered while explaining the truth and importance of hongfa without compromising. After two hours, finally, through our righteous minds, they agreed and gave us a permit. I say that this two hours of truth clarifying to the police was the beginning of my hongfa activity.

Now two years later, the hongfa environment in the Akibahara electronic district has improved. As I mentioned earlier, many Chinese people come to Akibahara electronic district. I hear that some come every week. Naturally Chinese disciples are very good at handling Chinese people. They clarify the truth while guiding the people to the inexpensive stores, while chatting with people who are resting, or using other various methods each disciple creates.

Coming back the subject of the Yoko Kaneko rescue effort. Last Wednesday I went to Yoko's hometown, Niigata Prefecture to request help from local government officials to rescue Yoko. I arrived at their office around two o'clock in the afternoon. A few disciples were holding a banner asking for help with the rescue of Yoko, getting wet from the rain and blown by strong winds. Each disciple's eyes were shiny. The smiles on their faces encouraged me. Upon arrival I got into the building with a female disciple to visit the secretariat to see the chairman.

At the end of our meeting the chairman said, "Looking at you guys standing in a rain and strong wind firmly holding a banner without a word, I feel that I should do something." Then he also said, "Please show the Dafa exercises to the public. Please show what Falun Gong is. From his words, I could strongly feel Dafa's magnificence and how important hongfa is. I have been stressing clarifying the truth of the persecution since April 2001. Now, as I again came to understand the importance of clarifying the truth and spreading the Fa. I refreshed my mind, putting myself at the starting point as a Dafa disciple, increasing my efforts towards rescue and hongfa.

What I mentioned here are all small matters. However, I came to realize through Yoko Kaneko rescue project, how important it is for these small efforts to accumulate.

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