Focusing on the Process, Instead of the Result, of the Lawsuit against Jiang Zemin: Clarifying the Truth During the Trial

A Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | July 14, 2003

[] Dafa disciples' foremost goal in the lawsuit against Jiang Zemin is to seize all possible opportunities to clarify the truth about Falun Gong and its persecution to people in all walks of life, regardless of the progress of the civil suit. Why? Dafa disciples should be able to drive and determine the process of the lawsuit, and should not passively respond to the outcomes of legal procedures. This is because everything in society is the reflection of Dafa disciples' thoughts. If we rely on non-practitioners to determine the outcome of the lawsuit against Jiang, we will create a gap for the exploitation by the old forces.

The various lawsuits Dafa disciples have filed in the past few years have taught us valuable lessons. When we become attached to non-practitioners' notions or rules, or when we rely on the efforts of the few Dafa disciples directly involved in the lawsuits, then we began to suffer from demonic interference from the old forces. When that happens, we fail to utilize the process of the lawsuits to reveal the evil's wrongdoings and fail to achieve what Dafa requires of us.

We must study the Fa persistently if we wish to understand the true meaning of seizing every opportunity to clarify the truth and offer salvation to sentient beings.

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