How I Have Clarified the Truth

A Korean Dafa Disciple

PureInsight | August 4, 2003

[] I am a professional soldier. In 1989, I was diagnosed with pulmonary tuberculosis in my left lung and received thirteen months of treatment in an army hospital. Ten years later in February 1998, I suffered a relapse. While I was receiving treatment the second time, I encountered Falun Dafa. I believe my cultivation of Falun Dafa was beneficial to my recovery. I started practicing that March. Amazingly, in just a week, my body showed signs of improvement to such an extent that I never felt tired. A month later, I photocopied the Korean version of Zhuan Falun brought over from China, read it, understood why I must cultivate, the fundamental of cultivation of one's xinxing and conforming to the characteristic of Truthfulness–Compassion–Forbearance. In this process, I also went through many xinxing tests. I always treated these as examinations. Each time I searched inward for my own shortcomings. Additionally, through the painful process of my elimination of karma, almost unbelievably, the tuberculosis quickly and completely disappeared.

From then on, I whole-heartedly wanted to help others who were predestined to find this great cultivation practice. I tried my best to tell more people. However, since China started to persecute Falun Dafa in July 1999, many people in China were prejudiced against it because of misrepresentation by the press. I explained to many people the inaccuracies in the government reports. I also shared the story of my full recovery from tuberculosis, how I lost bad habits and strove to be a good person. Unfortunately, other than the few who knew me personally and my family, many people only believed the government reports and did not believe me.

I could not let this continue, so I bought a copy of China Falun Gong and gave it to the captain of my division and clarified the truth to him. After reading the book, he told me that he was a Buddhist and now knew that Falun Gong is good. He said he supported Falun Gong and encouraged me to continue practicing. When the security unit came to investigate my practice of Falun Gong, my captain personally vouched that Falun Dafa is good and wouldn't let them investigate me. When the security unit called to inquire how I started practicing Falun Gong, I told them how cultivating Dafa is been beneficial to both the body and the mind and the many ways Falun Gong is good.

How could I clarify the facts of Dafa to those who have been poisoned by public opinion? After thinking long and hard, I decided to use flyers to clarify the facts. After designing and printing the flyers in large quantities, I went to parks, bus and subway stations and gave them out. I also went around my neighborhood giving out flyers, leaving them in other peoples' mailboxes and attaching them to front doors with tape. I also downloaded and printed pictures off the Internet and made a dozen posters to place next to the practice site so that more passers-by could comprehend the truth. This may have been the start of Korea's flyer-making and pictorial materials.

Since I worked in the army, I thought I should start to clarify the facts to the army. First, I taught the practice to the soldiers under my command. When it was my turn to be in charge of the night shift, in the mornings before roll call, during the ten minutes of physical excise, instead doing morning excises, I taught a hundred and twenty soldiers learned the first exercise, "Buddha Showing a Thousand Hands." After finishing the exercise, I explained to the soldiers the defaming reports by the Chinese government and clarified the facts. Every time I was on duty I used the morning roll call to introduce Dafa to new soldiers and practiced with them. I also gave flyers to soldiers about to leave the army, urging them to take the flyers back to their parents and also urging them to go to practice sites near their homes.

So that the officers and soldiers could see it every day, I posted truth-clarifying material on the wall facing the sinks. In order for the janitorial staff to have a positive understanding of Falun Gong, I gave them truth-clarifying CDs, flyers and exercise instruction videotapes. Recently, in my unit, there have also been activities aimed at rescuing Dr. Charles Li who is being persecuted in China. Using the lunch hour, I would explain the situation and collect signatures among the officers and NCOs. I have collected over 300 signatures. In the process of collecting signatures, I have also run into people who have reservations and others who criticized me. However, since I treated the signature collection as a chance to save the other person, I did not mind the reproaches. Ultimately, I received the support of the majority of the officers and soldiers.

Outside the army, a few other fellow practitioners and I formed a truth-clarification group to make banners, flyers and different types of truth-clarification material. Every Saturday, without exception, we would truck materials to places where people congregate. There we give away flyers and clarify the facts. Since the international floral exhibition was at the Sun Mountain Pond Water Park, where many tourists visit, each weekend at the entrance of the park we would clarify the facts from spring to autumn. To stop the Chinese government's persecution of Falun Gong, we started activities to collect signatures there as well. The effect was good. On the average Sunday we collected more than a thousand. Since we distributed materials for such a long time and specifically explained why Falun Gong is being persecuted in China and why we need to collect signatures, in the process of exchanging remarks, naturally we gained the good opinion and support of these people.

At the very start, the signature collection was only for Charles Li. However, during the process we felt that we should step up the pace to rescue all the Dafa practitioners being persecuted in Chinese jails. Striving to completely put an end to this persecution, the title for our signature collection activity is "Signature Collection Activity for the Termination of Illegal Detention, Torturing, Murdering and other Unjust Acts against a Hundred Million Falun Dafa Practitioners." After printing a great number of these signature sheets, we kept some to use in our region. The rest we sent to the assistance center at the capital of the country for their use.

In the winter, since it was cold, the number tourists diminished. So we went to another city to clarify the truth. There are many foreign laborers there including Chinese. Also, since it is a transportation hub of the region, even in winter, there are still many people there. Additionally, because auditoriums surround this city, in order to go to these auditoriums many people needed to change buses here. That is why this was a good place to clarify the truth in the winter. When we drive to other cities to participate in activities there, we always had some posters in the car, so that when we passed by bus stations and other appropriate locations we would stop to post them. Especially in neighborhoods where many foreign laborers live, we often would post a large number of truth-clarifying posters.

From August to October 2002, I received military education about military implementation. During those six weeks, I needed to leave the practice site. I didn't want that, but there was no way around it. It was at an educational facility for the military. I joined instructors from all units of the army throughout Korea, professors from the military school and 2000 soldiers. When I just arrived, I didn't know where I should practice the exercises. Finally, I decided that I should practice where people couldn't see me—the roof. After practicing like this for a few days, I felt that since I was not doing anything illegal or against the rules, I should not be this scared and feel the need to practice in secret. I was very ashamed of myself and felt that what I did was not becoming of a Dafa disciple. From that day on, I started to practice on a green where other people could see me, so that everyone can come to know about Falun Dafa.

The second day I met two people in the cafeteria whom I had met ten years ago. After some small talk, they asked me why I looked exactly the same that day as I did ten years ago, not seeming to have aged at all but rather seeming to have gotten younger. I told them about how I started practicing Falun Dafa and the amazing effect of Dafa in improving physical and mental health. I also talked about the persecution in China and urged them to practice Falun Dafa together. These two were already over forty. Physically, they appeared much worse off than before. They both wanted to learn. That afternoon, after military instruction, I taught them the exercises and practiced with them on the school sports ground, where all could see.

After practicing with them a few days, I again decided that I would use this opportunity to spread Dafa to more people at the school. First, I gave truth-clarifying material, exercise instruction videos and little pamphlets to the education colonel of this school. I introduced Dafa to him. I also posted on the advertisement board a notice stating the time and place of practicing Falun Gong. So that the personnel from all over Korea could better understand Dafa, everyday I would always bring flyers and other truth clarifying materials to class. Finally, one day, the opportunity came. It was a class on human character. The instructing officer and the students sat in a circle. He asked every other person how we planned our life during the holidays. According to the line-up, I would not have been asked, but I did not want to lose this good opportunity so I thought to myself, "Let the instructor ask me next." Perhaps because of his, the instructor made an exception, didn't skip over me and asked me the same question. I took this opportunity and told the instructor and the other students how I have used all of my holidays; how I have told people about Dafa and the situation of the cultivation of practitioners. After listening to my response, the instructor told me that he would give me extra time to introduce Falun Dafa in more detail.

I explained how I came to practice Falun Gong and its effects. Also I told them about how in China as well as in other countries around the world, Falun Gong has been so popular. Lastly, I distributed flyers. After listening to what I said, the homework assigned by the instructor was for everyone to learn the movements that evening and share their experiences about it the next day in class. That evening, I taught the exercises to many others on the school sports. The next day, in a report given to the instructor was "after performing a little bit the exercises I felt suddenly comfortable in my heart and body." From that day on, on the school sports ground the people practicing increased in number. Many within the school who saw the practice became interested in Dafa, especially after that day when the colonel of education himself introduced Dafa to the school officials. This was after I personally spoke with him, after he watched the videotape and other materials. He took the initiative to ask me for material about Dafa. He actively supported my truth clarification. During class time he even talked to instructors in charge, telling them that I am a Dafa practitioner and requesting that they give me time to introduce Dafa. Using this chance, I introduced Dafa to even more people. After clarifying the facts, I asked that they clarify to facts to people around them at home after they return to their respective divisions. I gave them videotapes and pamphlets.

Although that training session ended a year ago, I am still in contact with that colonel of education. He says that he has continued to represent me in introducing Dafa to instructors from all over the country and asked me to send him exercise introduction videotapes. Each time, I don't forget to thank him and acquire large amounts of videotapes and sent them via express delivery. This way, the six-week military training has become an opportunity to start the dissemination of Dafa to military divisions all over the country. I could have never imagined this in the beginning.

As a Dafa disciple in the process of cultivation, this is only a matter of course. Lastly, I would like to say: I have enlightened to the principle that in any condition and environment, as long as we have a pure and calm attitude when we clarify the facts to ordinary people and a pure and calm heart when rescuing and saving living beings, then Master will give us the opportunities and conditions to participate in Fa-rectification.

Here, again I would like to sincerely give thanks to Most Benevolent and Most Compassionate Master, and I hope that from henceforth I can strive forward diligently with each fellow practitioner.

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