Chen Muen (Taiwan)

PureInsight | February 9, 2004

[] Recently I started a new practice site located between my old practice site and my workplace. The practice site is in a park where I practice at the time when people are going to work and when there are many pedestrians and cars passing by everyday. There have not been many people inquiring, but the park is quiet, the banner is eye-catching, and the exercise music is peaceful, therefore it still has a very good effect in promoting Dafa.

Recently, a gentleman in his sixties came to learn the exercises. He is originally from Hubei Province, China. He asked me to teach him just a couple of movements a day, as he was afraid of forgetting them at his age. It took me three days to teach him Exercise One, with ten to fifteen minutes of practice each day. Today, he finally finished learning it. Although he learned so little every day, I could feel he appreciated me for taking the time with him. It was not until yesterday that he told me he liked writing poems. Surprisingly, today he wrote me one. I think this is an encouragement to me from Teacher for setting up this new practice site.

As the year draws to the end, I'd like to share this poem with all the practice sites in the world. I hope more practitioners can go out and practice outdoors and let more people see the peacefulness and wonderfulness of Falun Gong.

Here is the poem by the old gentleman:


Strolling along the park, luckily I met the young lady, Chen
Sitting there tranquilly and meditating like a Buddha, banner spreading out "Falun Gong"
Full of knowledge in philosophy and arts, she is beautiful and elegant
I wish her wholeheartedly, the most splendid things in life

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