The Only Light

An Australian Falun Gong Pract

PureInsight | January 31, 2005

[] How many paled, captured in some lesser hour, dwellers of worlds entangled in the mire and maze? Taking apertures for horizons, speaking of uncommon heights while fractured amidst a valley's descent where a cast of shadows mistaken for our only light…

Here, be it within infancy or otherwise, surrender we must our attachments, those at all levels of consciousness. Our fields unfolding, awaiting flower, everywhere a stretch of gold!

From the most ancient of days, the unsurpassable of origins, widest of firmaments and to shine no less! From a beckoning of Gods and one incalculable voice, inaudible if not for its unerring presence, encompassing sojourns upon this path to infinity…

For what are we born if not for the rise to summit, tempering ourselves, both petal and steel alike, finding flight of wing to the detriment of all that captures skies of waning stars.

This voyage of rediscovery, irrefutable courage, hearts made for our birthright and becoming. The song of Ages, choirs to calm and one undeniable dawn… from a cast of shadows to the only light!

"Zhen, Shan, Ren"

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