A Westerner's Experience in Joining the "One Million Withdrawals from CCP" Parade

A Western Practitioner

PureInsight | May 2, 2005

[PureInsight.org] "Tui dang, tui dang, kuai tui dang!"
"Mei you gong chan dang, cai you xin zhong guo!"

("Quit the CCP, quit the CCP, quickly quit the CCP!"
"Only when there is no more CCCP, will there be a new China!")

These words kept resounding throughout the "One Million Withdrawals from CCP" parade that happened on Saturday in New York. Now, two days later, they still resound powerfully in my mind. As a Westerner participating in the parade, I had some unique experiences participating in the parade that I would like to share.

I have been helping with the English language newspaper that clarifies the truth, so I had some deep understandings of the Nine Commentaries from the time they were published first in English and then in Chinese. I had little notions that blocked me from reading the Nine Commentaries and understanding their importance.

The Parade in Chinatown

However, when I took part in the parade, all my pent up notions burst out. (This may also have been because I had studied the Fa very little over the past few days.) As I walked through the parade, negative fears and emotions came up – "Are we getting political? Why are we inviting ordinary people to participate? Why do we have a Nine Commentaries parade and not have a Falun Gong parade this time?"

The last few times we had had Falun Gong parades here, the people had become more and more receptive and smiled at us. However, this time, there was some tension in the air in Manhattan's Chinatown as we walked through it. It seemed as though people were divided on this issue.

We often heard rounds of cheerful applause from the Chinese citizens and some of them sang along with us. Copies of the Chinese and English editions of the Nine Commentaries were quickly given away. However, unfortunately, there were some people who cursed. One man came out to the side of the parade and held a red sign in which he had written, "China needs the CCP!" I felt very bad and was easily moved when people didn't accept our material.

Walking to the Chinese Consulate

The original plan had been to split after the Chinatown parade into smaller groups and hold banners and make a long walk to the Chinese Consulate. This was so that the Westerners on the street could see the signs and realize that a major event was happening in the human world – the oncoming demise of the CCP.

However, I had been late to Chinatown and had missed the rally. Because I was off to a late start, I missed the people as they broke into smaller groups and walked along Broadway to the Chinese consulate. I and another practitioner took the subway half the way, and then walked some more to try to catch up with the others.

During our walk, we had very little material and no banners, so I felt useless and discouraged. While the Chinese practitioner who was with me quickly and enthusiastically passed out her material to the passersby, I was shy. I tried and could not pass any out. I felt even more depressed.

Finally, we caught up with the group when we were almost at the Consulate. My spirit immediately perked up. Because of the parade, passersby were curious about what was going on, and I was now enthusiastic and positive. I quickly passed my flyers out to the people and told them about the parade.

Rally in Front of the Chinese Consulate

When we finally got to the front of the Chinese Consulate, it was a little early. It was recommended that some practitioners take a break and relax, while others start to hold up banners.

I felt I hadn't done anything all morning, so I went to hold up a banner that read "The Chinese Communist Party is as evil as the Nazi Party." Someone asked me if I could wrap a piece of cloth that said "Quit the CCP" around my forehead and I agreed.

At this point, my notions came out again, and I began to wonder again, "Why are we doing this? We should be having a grand Falun Gong appeal here! Why are we having a Jiuping rally with so many ordinary people?"

And as a non-Chinese with the words "Quit the CCP" on my forehead, I (or my notions) felt really stupid.

I looked around, and felt gratified when I saw one other Westerner wearing the same thing. He, however, did not look embarrassed in the least. Ashamed, I tried to correct my thoughts.

At this point, some Chinese practitioners used the microphone and sound equipment and started shouting out slogans. With my little understanding of Chinese, I understood some of what they were shouting:

"Quit the CCP, quit the CCP, quickly quit the CCP!"
"People around the world, quickly quit the CCP!"

And after all this, they yelled in English, "No more CCP!"

Finally Becoming Clearheaded

At this point, something in me snapped. I finally became clearheaded!

I felt confident of myself and what I was doing once again. The feeling was very special – it was a feeling I hadn't felt since I had first begun to participate in Falun Gong parades around three years ago.

As more and more people joined the appeal, and as the rally finally started, my remaining notions were quickly cleared away and I felt more and more clearheaded. I realized that what I was doing was absolutely correct.

We were not doing anything political – we were helping the world get rid of its largest and most evil cult. A cult that had persecuted Falun Gong practitioners – the kindest and nicest people in the world.

As the Chinese people continued to shout out slogans just prior to the start of the rally, I finally joined them in saying the words that I could understand and easily follow along with. At the end of each Chinese recital, they would end with "No More CCP!"

I followed along with them. It was a great feeling, especially knowing that it was right.

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