Love is a Support

Lin Qiang

PureInsight | August 15, 2007

[] During War
World II, a mother and her three year-old child were the some 
following stream of people walking towards far away place to flee the

The mother ground their last little dried food and fed her child.
Looking at the emaciated face of her child, she could not help shedding

She hadn't had any food for the last two days. After two weeks of suffering hunger and cold, she was extremely weak.

She was afraid that if she couldn't sustain herself, her child might
not survive. After she mulled it over, the mother held her child and
walked over to a person who was her neighbor and also a physician. She
knew he was kind and if she entrusted her child to him, he would bring
up her child. The mother knelt before her neighbor: "Please take my
child away from this calamity. I will forever be grateful." After he
examined the child, the neighbor refused her, "No, I can't promise you
that. I have enough of my own trouble and I am sorry I can not help
you." The mother had no choice but to hold her child and continue her

There were people lying on the sides of the road along the way. But,
magically, the mother brought her child across the boarder and came to
a refugee camp. The mother knew that if she couldn't protect her child,
no one would help her bring up her child.

She and her neighbor met again in the refugee camp.

"You and your child needed to support each other," the neighbor said, "only when you support each other, will you survive"

The mother then understood the good intentions of her neighbor.

Love is a support.

Love sustained the lives of the mother and the child.

Teaching children is the same.

If love can support hope, then what could it not support?

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