A Few Words to My Father

Lin Feng

PureInsight | August 12, 2007

[PureInsight.org] We just have
a new member in our family. With a little round face and an innocent
smile, she is loved by everyone. Her parents have been taking good care
of her every day. They worry that she is too cold, too hot, getting
hungry, or has a wet diaper . When I hold her in my arms, I can not
help but think that my father was like this to me when I was a baby.

My father passed away almost nine years ago. Sometimes we talk about
him and recall the moments when we were together. Everything is still
so vivid. In reality, his ways of dealing with people, his words, and
his behavior are so unforgettable.

My father worked in the bank. In order to provide us with a good
educational environment, my parents had to live a simple and frugal
life. It was nothing unusual for my father to wear a jacket for more
than ten years.  I remember that he had a green belt which was 30
years old and he still kept it.  

Even though my father would not spend money to buy new clothes, he paid
close attention to our appearances. Before we went out, we had to comb
our hair, dress neatly, stand up straight, and brush our teeth.  


I remember that my father helped people in the village put money in the
bank when I was little, so people did not have to go to town to deposit
their money. As a result, my father drove back to the village often to
give people the interest from the bank. I was always amazed how
meticulous he was with every penny. Many relatives used to say how
honest he was.

In recent years, there have been many cases of illegal loans in Taiwan.
Not only did this situation involve  the interests of the
community but it also revealed the difficulty of the financial
institutions. When my father was in charge of loans in the bank, he was
often pressured to give loans to some companies that failed to meet the
requirements or lacked a high enough credit rating. My father did not
yield to the pressure and refused to make such loans. As a result, he
missed many opportunities to be promoted. However, my father insisted
on keeping his business ethics no matter what.

I remember so many things about my father: He loved to joke, to take
pictures, and to read. Since I have grown up, what I appreciate the
most is that he set a good example and taught me how to live as a
decent human being.

When I was in college or after I started to work, I realized that
values are so different among people. Much of that results from their
family background. Just like the saying: "Assimilate into it quietly."

When I was in school, many of my classmates loved to tease others
regardless of how it made the others feel, or to gossip behind their
backs. I struggled through those occasions: part of me wanted to stop
it and part of me was afraid of being rejected. Later on, I was even
more puzzled when I found that, deep down inside, I was no longer able
to hold on to my conviction.

Later, when I read Zhuan Falun,
I realized that my conviction was correct and the voice from my heart
was kind. Following the moral degradation and the media adding more
fuel to the fire, people nowadays have become so apathetic that they
cannot hear the little voice in their hearts.

Looking back, I recognize that my father did not leave us a lot of
money, a luxurious mansion, or fancy cars, but he used his life carving
out an environment filled with traditional values that enable us to
maintain our kindness even though we grew up in a society filled with
greedy hearts. My upbringing also helped me to obtain Dafa which comes
only once in thousands of years.

Father's Day will be here soon* and I want to say, "Thank you, Dad!"

* In Taiwan, Father's Day is on August 8.

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