Denouncing the Evil Chinese Communist Party Is the Chinese People's Only Way of Survival

Guang Hua

PureInsight | November 7, 2005

[] Today is a bright sunny day, a day to repel the dark force. By rallying here today, along with people all over the world, we are supporting the five million people who have withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). This is the major event in Chinese and world history. It is a symbol that the Chinese people's humanity and conscience are awakening. Soon a new epoch without the evil Chinese Communist Party will arrive and the kindhearted Chinese people shall restore the glory of China!

In the "Introduction" of "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party," The Epoch Times says, "Throughout its 80-plus years, everything the CCP has touched has been marred with lies, wars, famine, tyranny, massacre and terror." Eighty million Chinese people have died as the result of the CCP's tyranny. Under the rule of the CCP, the last several decades have indeed been a time filled with violence, blood and injustice in Mainland China. Today I would like to share my personal experiences and things I have witnessed to reveal the murderous and appalling crimes that the CCP has committed.

The evil CCP promotes conflicts among people and tortures people. By brainwashing people since they were children, it has twisted the Chinese people's kind nature. It has been sustaining its totalitarian regime through violence and terror. During the Cultural Revolution, the first line that my two-year-old daughter learned from the kindergarten was, "Be prepared to fight!" What a terrible thing to learn! The evil CCP has been poisoning and corrupting generation after generation of Chinese people by instigating hatred and promoting violence. This is the poisonous root cause of the moral decline and the loss of conscience in today's Chinese society!

The evil CCP has been brutalizing and killing the Chinese people for a long time. It does not rule China by promoting kindness to people. Instead, the CCP tells people that "revolting is the right thing to do" and "struggling against human beings is full of joy." It has never stopped launching wave after wave of political movements during which the Chinese people are goaded to fight and kill one another. It is because the CCP has been using the violent political movements to reinforce its fascist rule. The CCP has been poisoning the minds of kind-natured Chinese people and turning them into villains more ferocious than tigers and wolves. No one in China can be spared from the CCP's poisonous rule. Several of my relatives have, in fact, died as the result of the CCP's tyranny.

During the Land Reform, an uncle of mine was shot to death because he was a landowner. During the horrific Three Anti Campaign, Five Anti Campaign, (Please read Epoch Times "The Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party - Part 7" for details of "Three Anti Campaign" and "Five Anti Campaign.") another uncle of mine jumped off a building because he was extremely terrified of being tortured again. In the face of the looming persecution against capitalists, another uncle in Shanghai was overcome with fear and killed his family of seven people, including himself, by making the gas line in their home leak. It was terribly tragic! During the Anti-Rightwing Movement, I was a teenager in middle school. One boy in my class was from a farming family. Back then all the farmers had to give their land to the government and work in the government communes instead. His father didn't like that and wanted to withdraw from the commune. Of course the request was denied. The boy told others, "My father should have the right to join a farming commune if he wishes and withdraw from it if he wishes." Just because of that one casual comment, the boy was branded a "right-wing member" and subjected to severe persecution. A fellow classmate, who was the secretary at the Communist Party/ Communist Youth League branch at the school, urged all his classmates to denounce him in a public meeting. They forced him to kneel down on the background where he was punched, kicked, cursed, and humiliated. Whenever the school sent the students to the countryside to work in the fields and learn from the farmers, he would be given the heaviest and filthiest work. Sometimes he was made to carry a dozen people's luggage for several dozen miles all by himself. He was a short boy. With the large load of luggage on his back, he was often covered in sweat and was unable to stand up with his back straight afterwards. Every day he was given everyone's leftovers for food. He had to report his thoughts in writing on the regular basis. The CCP denounced and physically assaulted him at will. He endured the most ruthless and unjustifiable tortures. He often kneeled down and kowtowed to everyone in tears, begging people to have mercy on him. He had completely lost his dignity as a human being. For the next several decades, this kindhearted, honest and innocent young man continued to suffer from the most incredible tribulations when he went to college, looked for work and looked for a spouse. It has been over 40 years, but each time I thought of him and the sad, lost and desperate look in his eyes, I feel terribly sad.

The Cultural Revolution was a major manifestation of the evil Communist Party's specter showing its madness all over China, and it was a major disaster for the Chinese people. Millions of people suffered from persecution. Millions of people died in injustice. Countless families were torn apart and destroyed. Countless children became thugs and scoundrels. Numerous books were burned. Numerous historic sites were damaged. Countless Chinese sages' tombs were destroyed. Countless crimes were committed in the name of revolution. It was estimated that approximately 7.73 million people died of unnatural causes during the Cultural Revolution. In addition, numerous people became handicapped, mentally deranged or spent the rest of their life in depression. Numerous people were separated from their wives and children! My father was a patriotic intellectual. During the Cultural Revolution, he was branded a member of the capitalist class and an authority figure opposed to the revolution and was accused of treason. He was subjected to repeated denunciations in public meetings and suffered from severe mental torture. He became handicapped. The remains of his days were ruined because of the Cultural Revolution.

The evil CCP is representative of all the bandits and demon king of all murderers. It will not think twice to smash the entire world with violence or to wipe out anyone with different opinions. Even before the CCP faced up to the crimes it committed during the Massacre at Tiananmen Square on June 4, 1989, it started the massive and appalling persecution against 100 million Falun Gong practitioners in China. "Defaming their reputation, bankrupting them financially, destroying them physically" is their policy of persecution against Falun Gong practitioners. The policy illustrates the murderous, demonic, and genocidal persecution that Falun Gong practitioners have been suffering from under the CCP. The CCP has been using a large number of different torture methods on Falun Gong practitioners. The tragic cases of torture are frightening. According to incomplete statistics, at the time of writing, more than 2,557 Falun Gong practitioners are known to have died in the hands of the CCP since it started persecuting Falun Gong on July 20, 1999.

The evil CCP does not value loyalty at all. It hasn't shown any mercy on its own members or even the head of the CCP! During the Cultural Revolution, Zhang Zhixin, a young woman in her 20s and a loyal communist party member, was thrown into prison because she thought the Cultural Revolution was a mistake. She repeatedly suffered gang rapes in prison. Before she was shot to death, the prison guards cut her throat first! What a terrible fate that was! General Peng Dehuai and Chairman Mao Zedong fought side by side for decades as the CCP fought to gain power in China. General Peng had saved Chairman Mao's life several times during the war. But Mao returned the favor by killing him in the 1960s after he dared to criticize the disastrous farming policy of Mao, which had led to wide-spread famine and death of millions of people. Liu Shaoqi, the Chinese president and another former CCP Chairman, was also thrown into jail overnight for daring to disagree with Chairman Mao's policies, and died under mysterious circumstances. Since the CCP is capable of treating its own member with such cruelty, how could it be less cruel when it comes to non-CCP members? How can there be any humanity left in the CCP?

The evil CCP is thirsty for blood. It has never stopped its quest to suck more blood from the Chinese people, and its nature will never change. There are photographs showing high-level CCP officials savoring soup made of female human fetuses killed in forced abortions because the officials believe eating the fetuses would give them back their youths! How scary it is! It is a horrible deed that only a demon is capable of committing!

Taking a look back at the CCP's greedy, violent, shameless and despicable history, how could we believe in the lie that the CCP has been telling the Chinese people for decades, "China will fall apart without the CCP"? Do we want to be the lambs that are completely at the mercy of demons? Do we want to remain as members of the CCP and perish together with the evil CCP when the gods destroy the CCP?

Before the days of the CCP, the Chinese people had once created the most prosperous and glorious civilization. The only way for the Chinese people to save themselves is to wake up from the CCP's lies and renounce the evil CCP, the murderous demon king.

I hope that all of us will voice our support for the people who have withdrawn from the CCP. Let our voices be spread across the globe, and let us help the Chinese people get rid of the evil Communist Party's control and bring democracy and freedom to China as soon as possible.

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