Stories of My Mother's Uncle

Qian Xun

PureInsight | November 14, 2005

[] My mother's uncle was very honest and kindhearted, and he sincerely believed in God and Buddha. He had many miraculous experiences in his life. I would like to tell two of these stories here and hope people will find them inspiring.

During the Sino-Japanese War (1937 – 1945 A.D.) while the Republic of China (ROC) ruled Mainland China, my mother's uncle was a military officer of Kuomintang, also known as the Chinese Nationalist Party. One day during a march before a battle, he saw an old woman selling trinkets who was crying sadly. He was very concerned about her. So he went up and asked the old woman why she was crying. The old woman said, "Just now a person bought a lot of things from me using a fake silver dollar. My family is already poor. How can I survive this loss?" My mother's uncle comforted her and told her, "Don't cry. Don't cry." He pulled out a genuine silver dollar and gave it to the old woman. Then he casually put the fake silver dollar in his pocket in front of the chest and went to catch up with the rest of his troop. In the battle afterwards, he was hit in the chest by a bullet from the enemy, and everybody thought he was going to die. But it turned out he had only suffered a minor wound. It was because the bullet had hit the fake silver dollar, which he had placed in the pocket right in front of his chest.

During the Sino-Japanese War, as soon as the sound of Japanese bomber planes could be heard, people would run to the air-raid shelter and hide there. One day, the air defense alarm went off again, and everyone ran to the air-raid shelter. My mother's uncle went there as well. Suddenly a woman started crying, saying her youngest son was still home. My mother's uncle asked her about the details and ran straight to the woman's home. By the time he had gotten the child and hurried back toward the shelter, the bombing had already begun. Unable to go back, my mother's uncle and the boy had to hide in the gully. The Japanese bombers seemed to know where the air-raid shelter was and specifically bombed the shelter. After the planes were gone, my mother's uncle and the little boy went to the air-raid shelter and found it had caved in as a result of the bombing. Everyone inside had died. My mother's uncle unintentionally saved himself when he went out to save the little boy.

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