All Shouted in Cheers: "Priceless Book! Heavenly Book!"

PureInsight | December 5, 2005

[] There is a small village in Hua Nan County of Heilongjiang Province. A villager there has the surname of Sun and used to love reading Buddhist books. One day he was told by his nephew that it was good to study Falun Gong. So he borrowed Zhuan Falun from his nephew. However, after Falun Gong was persecuted by the evildoers starting on July 20, 1999, Sun was too scared to study Dafa anymore. He wrapped his copy of Zhuan Falun and two other Buddhist books, one of which was Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva (or Earth Treasury King) Scripture (a scripture from Sakyamuni Buddhism) in a piece of nylon cloth. He hid them on top of a beam near the ceiling of his dwelling, a hut made of cardboard.

On the eve of the 2004 Chinese New Year, Sun's house caught on fire. It happened at night when the Sun family had finished their New Year's Eve dinner and gone out for celebration. Nobody was at home. Fire rapidly spread to the cardboard-made hut and furniture. The fire was burning so strong that its flame shot out of the chimney. One of his neighbors saw it and went to get help. The Sun family and their neighbors eventually were able to put out the fire.

The next day, on New Year's Day, Sun led his family to go through the burnt hut. He suddenly remembered those three books that he had hidden. He asked his eldest son to look for them. Among the ashes, the nylon cloth was found. It was burnt into a clump. Sun opened it and could not believe his eyes. The two Buddhist scriptures had been burnt into ashes, but the book Zhuan Falun was still undamaged and in good condition. Only the brown packing paper that had been used to wrap the book was burned a little bit.

All his neighbors and his family members who witnessed the miracle shouted, cheering: "Priceless book! Heavenly book!"

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