The Story of Two Generations

Ying Zi

PureInsight | February 26, 2006

[] "Since you
ask me to withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), I will do
it. I have been deceived by the CCP all my life." "But you must not
bring up the matter to your younger brother. He will curse you if you
do that. He is happily married and has been able to save more than
three hundred thousand Yuan over the last two years. His life is going
quite well."


When I heard what my father said over the phone, I became quiet on the
other side of the phone line. My elderly father continued to tell me
about what were going on in the lives of our relatives. He said, "It is
so difficult to find a job now. There are more and more destitute
people who are facing difficulties in their lives. There are very few
families whose lives are as good as ours, with your younger brother
being a neurosurgeon, your young sister holding a high-paying job in
the Chinese office of a multinational company, and you living outside
of China…"

My younger brother had been a very kind-hearted and loving person since
he was young. When he was about to go to college, he decided to study
medicine because he wanted to help take care of our parents, who were
ill all the time. After graduation, in order to take care of our
parents, he stayed in our hometown and started his career as a lowly
resident in a hospital.

Our father is illiterate. He left his village when he was a teenager in
search for a better life. He has suffered a lot all his life. He joined
the Chinese army when he was 18, which was probably the turning point
of his life. After he finished his tour of duty in the army, he was
allowed to live in the city and become a factory worker. He has worked
hard all his life, and yet has managed to barely put enough food on the

My younger brother grew up in poverty. As a person who was from the
bottom of society, he has always wanted to have a good life. He has had
no choice but to work hard to get ahead. When he was a resident in the
hospital, he spent more time there than anybody else. He had to work
during all the major holidays, and spent every single Chinese New Year
eve in the hospital working.

After seeing how hard our father has worked all his life and yet is
still being taken advantage of by others, my younger brother has always
wanted to enhance the reputation of our family and join the rank of the
social elite. When he was in college, he had the best grades, and was
the first person in his class to join the CCP. When he graduated from
medical school, because he had the gold plate of being "a party member"
and also had the best grades, he was assigned an excellent workplace,
the best hospital in our hometown.

Our father has never been to school. He can recognize only a very few
Chinese characters. When he was a solider, out of the pure heart of a
villager, he did his best to make contributions to the country. The
village that his platoon was stationed at suffered from several major
floods. People in the village couldn't cross the river. My father
carried every villager on his back and waded through chest-deep water
to carry the villagers to the other side of the river. When he got
older, he suffered from a lot of joint pains. My mother said that it
was all because of the good deeds that he had done when he was young.
After he was discharged from the army, he became a truck driver in a
transportation company. He still sacrificed his health for his job and
worked extremely hard. He used his spare time to take apart and repair
two large transportation buses, saving the company tens of thousands of
Yuan, which was a large amount in the 1970s. He was named the "model
employee" and "fuel-saving champion" every year. Ever since I could
remember, my father brought back many certificates of merit year after
year. But my mother often said, "Your father is the dumbest person

The person who has the biggest influence to his life was probably Lei
Feng, a well-known solider who was a good Samaritan and a devoted
member of the CCP.  When he was in the army, my father memorized
the entire book of the "Words of Chairman Mao." He was asked to recite
the book at large gatherings. Because he was named the "model of
studying Chairman Mao's work," he was given the honor of joining the
CCP. He has done good deeds all his life, like Lei Feng. I think he
truly did those things out of the goodness of his heart to help people.

During the first several years after my young brother started working,
his salary was not enough to support his expenses. He had to ask for
money from our parents because he often had to buy gifts for the heads
of the hospital.

He was busy every day. On top of working and studying, he was spending
a lot of time helping the heads of the hospital do various things and
cultivating relationships for his future. He would go to a Buddhist
temple from time to time when he got too stressed out.

At the beginning, he told me, "The farmers are so pitiful. The hospital
has seen several patients who suffer from brain tumors. They are from a
county where there is a nuclear testing site nearby. When farmers get
sick, they have no money to get medical treatment, and they just have
to go home to die."  He also said, "I never accept money from my
patients. When they force me to accept it, I put the money on their
hospital accounts for their medical expenses."

As time went on, he became busier and busier, and started to say less
heart-felt words like that. I moved to the southern part of China for a
job. He became a graduate student at the medical school of the
hospital. He said that he had given many gifts to professors at the
medical school, who then told him the first half of questions that were
going to be on the entrance examination.


When my father got older, he often said the same thing over and over
again, "I have been deceived by the CCP all my life." Every time when
he listens to the news or drinks a small amount of alcohol to relax, he
would say, "I have been deceived by the CCP all my life." He always
says just that one sentence, without giving any further explanation. We
have never asked him what he meant by that. Only when I write the
article today, do I understand that this one sentence of my father's
encompasses tens of thousands of words and all the sufferings and
sadness in his life.

One day decades ago, my father came back from the home of the head of
his company and said, "His home is decorated like a royal palace." At
that time, our family, which is made up of 5 members, had just moved to
a very old and run-down apartment building after spending years in a
dark one-room accommodation designed for a single person to live in. My
father had been very happy about the new accommodation, feeling that he
had finally received a little bit of recognition for his faithful
service to the company.

My father likes to listen to programs on a short-wave radio, especially
news programs. When Jiang Zemin was still in power, every time he heard
Jiang's name, my father would say, "That Jiang, a good-for-nothing big

At a "Nine Commentaries" discussion meeting in Toronto, an elderly
Chinese gentlemen said angrily, "The CCP has exhausted saying all the
nice words in the world, and has exhausted doing all the bad things in
the world."

I think that comment is probably the proper explanation for the words
that my father keeps repeating in his late years, "I have been deceived
by the CCP all my life."


After "Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party" caused millions of
people to withdraw from the CCP, I told my family members about how
many Chinese people have openly declared their withdrawals from the
CCP, the Communist Youth League, and the Chinese Young  Pioneers.
As soon as I told them about how the CCP has done so many bad things
and faces imminent collapse, my parents agreed to withdraw from the CCP
and the Communist Youth League.

But when I called my younger brother, it didn't go very well. I left
China several years ago. Every time I called him, I felt that my
younger brother was acting more and more like a CCP official. His tone
was often ruthless and aggressive.

On the side of the line, I heard harsh words from him to "re-educate my
mind" and curses aimed at those "people who dare to subvert the
leadership of the Party."

In the quiet of the night, I sat by myself and thought of the changes
that my younger brother has undergone over the last several years. When
I think of how all the Chinese people have been forcefully brainwashed
and how the CCP has total control over the resources of the entire
Chinese society, I feel chills down my spine.

What kind of evil power is it that has changed a pure and kind-hearted
young man to a mouthpiece of the CCP over a period of less than 10
years? Where has the younger brother of mine who participated in and
given public speeches at the pro-democracy demonstrations before the
June 4 Tiananmen Massacre gone to? Back then, he was a senior in high
school. He even came to my college dorm room to give me the latest
update. Where has the younger brother who was kind-hearted, always took
care of his older and younger sister, and had a lot of capacity to
endure hardship gone to?

I think the answer is probably provided by my illiterate father's words
of wisdom, "I've been deceived by the CCP all my life." Like numerous
kind-hearted young people, my kind-hearted younger brother has been
seduced and kidnapped by the CCP.

China, the ancient land with its 5,000 years of advanced civilization
and manners, has tragically been controlled by an "evil specter from
the West." That evil specter has grasped control of all the resources
and opportunities in the entire society, and has full control over
everything that impacts the lives of ordinary Chinese people. Those who
refuse to join it and become a member of the evil gang aren't alowed to
have good jobs and good lives. They won't receive promotions, wont'
enjoy high social status, won't  get….

After so many "won't gets," what else can a young man who wants to live
a better idea and raise the prestige of the family name do under the
ruthless power of a violent dictatorship?


"A group of elderly people pointed at me and asked how a person as good
as I could be a CCP member? I became angry. But afterwards when I
calmed down and thought about it, I realized that in their hearts a
good person wouldn't be a CCP member. They treat CCP members as
rascals, animals, and corrupt criminals. Therefore, I want to withdraw
from this evil Communist Party and all organizations controlled by it,
including the Chinese Young Pioneers. Signed, Ma Benzhai, from mainland
China, February 15, 2006 at 10:23). (from the "Withdrawal from the CCP"
website of the Epoch Times)

"Through my friends' introductions, I have come to see the real nature
of the CCP. I have been completely shaken up. The homeland that I have
lived in for more than 30 years is actually so evil and fake. I want to
burst into tears. I cry for almost 80 million members of the CCP and
feel sad for our people who are suffering in deep water and scorching
fire. But tears won't come out. It is probably because my pain is so
deep. The only thing that I can do now is to immediately withdraw from
this evil CCP and all of its related organizations, wipe away the evil
mark of the beast, and live for myself in an upright and open manner at
least this once. I solemnly declare to withdraw from the evil CCP and
all of its related organizations, preserve my kind thoughts, and spread
‘Nine Commentaries' wide and far. Signed, Mr. Yan, mainland China,
February 16, 2006 at 19:51) (from the "Withdrawal from the CCP" website
of the Epoch Times)

The preface of "Nine Commentaries" says, "Throughout its 80-plus years,
everything the CCP has touched has been marred with lies, wars,
famines, tyranny, massacres and terror. Traditional faiths and
principles have been violently destroyed. Original ethical concepts and
social structures have been disintegrated by force. Empathy, love and
harmony among people have been twisted into struggle and hatred.
Veneration and appreciation of heaven and earth have been replaced by
an arrogant desire to "fight with heaven and earth." The result has
been a total collapse of social, moral and ecological systems, and a
profound crisis for the Chinese people and, indeed, for humanity. All
these calamities have been brought about through the deliberate
planning, organization, and control of the CCP."

My dearest brother and all my friends who have read this article of
mine, when we are confronted with our own consciences, what is the most
truthful answer in our hearts?

My beloved brother, I am going to mail you this article. I hope you
will be able to see the sincerity and concern of your older sister.
Your older sister is waiting for good news from you.

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