Looking into the Communist Party Culture: Who is the Minority?

Ou Yangfei

PureInsight | February 26, 2006

[PureInsight.org] The Chinese
Communist Party continuously uses a certain "theory" to deceive the
common people. It says, "The interests of the minority can be
sacrificed for the sake of the majority." On the surface, it seems very
reasonable. At least it seemed to make some sense, even if it might be
controversial from a moral perspective.

For example, regarding the persecution of Falun Gong, many Chinese
people believe the Communist Party's propaganda. They think that it is
no big deal that a minority group is being persecuted and people should
take the interests of the whole into account. Therefore, they do not
even want to know about the truth about the persecution. They do not
even think about it and have become numb to it. Some are even involved
in the persecution directly.

What's wrong with this logic, "The benefit of the minority can be
sacrificed for the sake of the majority?" In order for this statement
to be true, there should be at least one condition: there must be
conflict between the interests of the majority group and the interests
of the minority group. If there is no conflict, this statement would be
false and unreasonable.

The Chinese Communist Party's propaganda has confused the Chinese
people. It is a characteristic of the Chinese Communist Party culture
that we want to talk about here – namely it doesn't recognize the
mutually beneficial relationship between the majority group and the
minority group.

Firstly, are there really conflicts between the interests of the majority group and the benefits of the minority group?

Falun Gong promotes the principle of "Truthfulness, Compassion and
Forbearance." There is no conflict between Falun Gong and the majority
group. Falun Gong is beneficial to the country, to society and to other
people. When Falun Gong practitioners stand up to oppose the
persecution, they are simply trying to stand up for the rights granted
to all Chinese people under the Chinese Constitution. They are also
fighting for the rights of ordinary Chinese people. Therefore, there is
no conflict between the Falun Gong practitioners and the regular
people. So the pre-condition for the theory does not exist: for the
benefit of the majority, sacrifice the interests of minority.


Some people say, "The Communist Party would persecute other people if
they did not persecute Falun Gong. That is why there is a conflict of
interest between Falun Gong practitioners and everyone else." Such a
line of reasoning clearly shows us how evil the Communist Party is.


Let's say that a mother has ten daughters. One of the daughters was
sexually abused by her stepfather every day. If you say, "If this evil
stepfather did not abuse this daughter, the other daughters would be in
danger. Therefore, there is a conflict in the interests of this
daughter and the other daughters." Can you find any mother in this
world who would think about this way?

Secondly, who is the minority?

The Chinese Communist Party divides people into the majority group and
minority groups. As I've said before, both the majority group and this
minority group share the same interests. They belong to the same
family. They are the majority group under the control of the Chinese
Communist Party. The Communist Party is the real minority. Their
interests are different from the other Chinese people's. In other
words, the mother, the daughter who was abused and other daughters
shared the same interests. The one who has different interests is the
evil step-father. Only by stopping the evil stepfather, would the
family have peace. For the same reason, only when all people stand up
to stop the Chinese Communist party, will China have peace and our
people have normal lives.

Therefore, what the Chinese Communist Party's theory "The benefit of
the minority can be sacrificed for the sake of the majority." is really
"for benefit of the minority Communist Party, sacrifice the Chinese
people's interests."

A friend's mother came from China to visit her daughter. She does not
understand why Falun Gong practitioners want to expose the Communist
Party's crimes. To her, her daughter has a good life abroad. She didn't
understand what the persecution has to do with her. But when she heard
about the open letter written by a famous human rights lawyer in
Mainland China and that the letter talks about the fact that many Falun
Gong practitioners had been sexually assaulted, she asked her daughter
to read the letter to her. As a mother, when she heard about those
inhumane sexual abuses that had taken place under the brutal rule of
the Communist Party, I do not think that she would agree that the
benefits of the minority group (namely Falun Gong practitioners) should
be sacrificed for the sake of the majority. That is because she herself
is on the side of the minority group now.

In fact, the Chinese Communist Party, the evil cult, is the real "minority group."

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