Eliminate the Attachment to Having Attachments

A Dafa Disciple in Taiwan

PureInsight | March 1, 2006

[PureInsight.org] When people
don't think too highly of or agree with my articles, I still feel a
little sad. From the Fa, I know that my attitude is not correct. I also
know the only way to obtain genuine improvement is to give up and not
to fight over things. Since I have a clear understanding on the Fa
principles, why is it that I can't behave accordingly? It is the same
thing when it comes to other aspects of my cultivation. Oftentimes I
understand the Fa principles and know how I am supposed to behave and
yet can't behave accordingly. I have been very frustrated by myself and
felt very bad. Why am I like that?

I have come to see that I had been treating those bad thoughts as parts
of myself. I felt sad for having such bad thoughts, but I hadn't
realized that those bad thoughts weren't parts of the real me at all.
Since they were not parts of me, I should firmly oppose them, instead
of feeling sad and blaming myself, thus falling into their trap and
developing yet another attachment.

I not only failed to eliminate my old attachments, I developed yet
another attachment, the attachment to having attachments. I was afraid
of having attachments. As I was afraid of it, it was the same thing as
pursuing it, and the more it was able to squeeze bad things into my
mind. Let me give an example. Let's say that one discovers that he
still has the attachment of selfishness. Instead of dealing it with
righteous thoughts, actively opposing it, and trying one's best not to
act out of the selfish attachment, if one just feels sad, depressed,
and looks at it passively, he has developed yet another attachment.

Master Li said in Zhuan Falun,
"And when your attachment comes out, shouldn't you get rid of it? The
more scared you are, the more the problem feels like sickness—that
attachment of yours just has to go. It's to have you learn a lesson and
get rid of the attachment of fear, improving yourself." The more one
feels sad and is afraid of having the attachment of selfishness, the
more his selfish heart is strengthened by the evil, since one has to
remove one's attachment to fear. Any selfishness can be strengthened.
One's attachment to selfishness can be strengthened. One's attachment
to the fear of having the selfishness attachment can be strengthened as

In order to eliminate one's attachment to selfishness, one must
recognize what it is clearly. It is not a part of the real you. Since
it is not a part of the real you, why do you feel sad over it? Why are
you afraid of having it? You just have to eliminate it determinedly.
You should study the Fa more and think of sentient beings more. Then
your attachment to seeking comfort will decrease, and your
determination to eliminate your attachment will be firmer.

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