Seen With the Celestial Eye Recently

Xiao Lian

PureInsight | March 12, 2006

[] Recently I
saw with the celestial eye that the momentum of Fa-rectification has
really emerged from the ultra-microscopic realm to the surface. The
evil substance and life forms when touched by this momentum are like
dust being whisked away and an immense space is completely cleansed in
a flash. Those evil beings not touched by the momentum insensitively
continue to persist in their evil deeds. Some were petrified whilst
others became good. Those who changed to be good life forms flew away.

Dafa practitioners' gong increased very quickly after having performed
the "three tasks" correctly. Their worlds are also thoroughly clear and
brilliant. Their sentient beings are most respectful towards them from
the bottom of their hearts. Their bodies are covered with lotus flowers
and faluns. Whereas the worlds of those who have not stepped forward to
perform the "three tasks" by giving excuses, or those who did not
perform the "three tasks" well, were very dim and dusky with many of
the sentient beings having been eliminated. Those remaining were in
despair and in very low spirit. Also, the worlds of those who caused
disruption and damage amongst the Dafa practitioners are filled with
evil elements, and the worlds and the bodies of those who caused
excessive damage are strongholds of the evil. Many of the sentient
beings in their worlds have been harmed and killed by evil beings. The
remaining sentient beings have no alternative but are living in
anticipation that their lords will use their righteous thoughts to
rectify themselves and be assimilated by Dafa. The bodies of direct
agents of the CCP or those having some attachments that could not be
discarded and were providing information to the evil Party and
betraying their fellow practitioners, were all being annihilated in the
other dimensions since Master published the article "Eliminating the
Evil." Their bones have turned to dust, their blood and flesh has
turned to slimy pus. Those who committed great wrongs were left with
only the outer form of their bodies. Their bodies in the other
dimensions were totally destroyed and what were left of their bodies
was subjected to the swift punishment of the heavenly principles! This
is the basic great law of the universe and no one is worthy of testing
or interfering with it. Whoever persecutes or interferes will be an
object of total annihilation.

As a practicing Dafa practitioner, we must be correct in all we do and
must not go to any extreme. Only then can we reach our sentient beings
and achieve our aim of having a compassionate relationship with them in
the other dimensions. Furthermore, evil will make use of any of our
omissions to destroy those sentient beings! Be very careful! Moreover,
if we do not do well at home, it will give the ordinary people a bad
impression. On the other hand, this is the environment where we can
practise and reflect on our cultivation. If we do not do well, it will
be a great loss to our sentient beings, and the gods in the other
dimensions would be shaking their heads and sighing!

I have seen that in the affairs of man and woman, if not dealt with
correctly and if practitioners commit wrongs that they must absolutely
avoid, their gong pillars will break in half and their worlds will be
in turmoil, as if the sky has fallen, with many of the sentient beings
killed and the worlds left dark and void of vitality. It is because
this is an error that a practitioner must definitely and absolutely not
commit! To commit this error is to give Dafa a bad name, and is very
damaging to the name of Dafa! Because Dafa is compassionate and
merciful, many people who had committed this error, after correcting it
and treading the path and acting righteously thereafter, had their gong
levels very rapidly restored. That is because Dafa is dignified and
many people who have done such things even went to the extent of
mocking Master's mercy, doing as they liked, and committing to
relationships that are frowned upon by humans and gods. I have seen
such people and they have been consigned to hell. Some of them have
only their brains left; others are totally suffering in hell. Their
bodies are also suffering retribution on the surface. Heaven does not
tolerate blasphemy! In spite of this, our merciful Master is still
giving them another chance!

The path tread by the Dafa disciples today will be like footsteps
carved into rock and shall provide evidence and reference for the human
race of the future. By faithfully treading upon our path we can be
worthy of the solemn and divine title of "Dafa Disciples in the
Fa-rectification Era". That will depend on how we chose!

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