A Friend I Made on the Internet Said, "Righteous Thoughts Filled me with Courage"

A Taiwanese Practitioner

PureInsight | April 16, 2006

[PureInsight.org] One year ago,
several practitioners, including me, set up a website which can talk
and speak. We called it "Heart's Friend." The website has taped
conversations, movies, BT and software for download.  A few months
ago, I made a friend through the website.  He contacted me after
he visited the website.  He suggested that we should put more
content on the website in order to benefit more Chinese people and to
let more people understand that Falun Dafa is good.

He regularly visits the website.  He has sincerely provided us
with many good suggestions.  Today he told me about a touching
experience of his own.  I asked him whether I could publish his
story to share with others.  He agreed without any hesitation.

He told me about the following experience: Last time he went to visit
New Zealand, he came across some Falun Gong practitioners.  Before
they parted, a female practitioner gave him some VCDs containing the
truth about Falun Gong. She spoke to him in an understanding and
respectful manner, "I know about the serious crackdown and persecution
against Falun Gong in China.  But if you wish, you can take the
material with you back to Mainland China."  At that moment, my
friend thought to himself, "I do want them, I do want to bring them
back".  Then the practitioner advised him to send righteous
thoughts if he ran into any problem while trying to bring the material
back to mainland China.

When he heard about sending righteous thoughts, my friend doubted it
would work for him because he had not become a practitioner yet. 
Nevertheless, he thanked the female practitioner and decided to bring
the material back to China.  He hid the VCDs on his body, although
his friends tried to persuade him not to bring them with him.  He
insisted on carrying them, because he realized that the material was
very precious and it was impossible to buy and obtain such things
anywhere in China. 

When he came to the Customs checkpoint in mainland China, he saw an
inspector was coming towards him.  He was a bit unsettled. 
Just at that moment, he recalled the practitioner's advice to send
righteous thoughts.  Immediately, a flow of strong encouragement
and a loud voice from the bottom of his heart came to him, "I am doing
the right thing. I am treasuring the best thing.  They are
wrong.  Why should I be frightened? What I am doing is
correct."  Then can you guess what happened?  The inspector
told him, "You can just go, there is no need to search you."

I could feel the childlike purity and kindness of my friend when he
told me the story, although he is his fifties. He asked me, "Do you
know if what I had was righteous thought?"  I smiled and replied,
"Well done, of course it was righteous thoughts!  Every time we
have a single thought that is righteous and rational, it is a righteous
thought." Both of us laughed very happily.

He also told me that he had read the "Nine Commentaries on the
Communist Party" six times and he is reading it for the seventh
time.  The reason he keeps on reading the book is to make these
viewpoints from the book become his own.  In that way, he hopes to
help more people to see clearly the evilness of the CCP and to withdraw
from the CCP.

I felt very happy when I was writing this article.  I was really
happy for my friend. He will have a lot of good fortune waiting for him.


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